Neuropsychiatric Exam (1933) Letter to Family (1935)

Algatras den 2/8 1935

Lieber Brüder Vather Siester Amal and nichte Klara and yühr ohn Fammilie.

I hop that bay de daim jü geht disletter yü al feind yür selves en güd helth. I am wel igen mei self after I have bien sik and am wondering way I hafent hört from yü a the rest of the relativs abroadi ower 1. Year wen yü sent me a Fottografie of Klara and way yü did not send me woan of yoühr Familie and woan from Anna and Klaras Fammilie witsh yü bromist yü was going to dü in your letter on Leafenworth Kansas. I am still in Algatras ailand Penitenzary in san Franzisco Kalifornia and stiel waiting too geth an answer from yü.[page 2] an Fothografie from yoür ohn Familie and fon Uhr Vatter. him I havent sen as yü no since 1921. and wüld laik to geht a Familie Fotho fon de bol grüp of dem so blies send me woan grüp of al of uü too gether. I I glos mei saiding hoping too from yoü al son wishing dath yoü al a wel bey de deim you geht this letter.

I am glossing with wery many kisses too yoü all Vather Ammal Klara and familie as yoür ohn.

I remein yoür Broder seep may adress is as you no

Josef Ebner Joe Bowers.
Alcatras Ailand Sanfrancisco
California. U.S.A.