Name: Henry Young No. 244-AZ

7-27 & 7-28-41 CREATING A DISTURBANCE IN CELL HOUSE. This inmate persistently created disturbance in the cell house tonight from 5:30 till midnight. At 10:45 I warned him and a half hour later while standing on the gallery of A block he farted at me. He also whistled and talked very loudly. Report #1459 By Officer Winegar, Jr. 0.
This inmate was one of the three who were shouting, whistling and throwing their personal belongings oput of his cell when I came on duty at midnight. He and the other two, Barkdoll, #423 and Cox, #494, continued this until after 1:00 A.M. Asked why he continued to do this, and he replied that might as well make a good job of it as he had already been reported. Report #1264 by Officer Jepson, Jr. O.
ACTION: Solitary confinment, restricted diet, forfeit of privileges until further orders. E.J. Miller, Associate Warden.
The charges were read to Young. When he was asked about the noise he made and about throwing things out of his cell he stated that he had nothing to say. When asked if he would plead guilty to this charge he said, "Why, I have nothing to say to you.
8-11-41 Removed to isolation "B" Block
  1. Threatening to do officer bodily harm. This inmate after having set fires which were disextinguished by Mr. Quesnell, shouted in a loud voice that I orderd the fire extinguishers put on him and threatened to beat me at the first opportunity. His raving kept the Cellhouse in an uproar. Report by Quesnell, Jr. Officer.
  2. Disorderly conduct, cursing, littering up the place, setting fires, agitating and leading to disturbance in the cellhouse. Also three warter at officer and rattled cup on bars. Report by Prindle, Sr. Officer
ACTION: Young stated he had joined in after the rest had started the riot. Evidence is that he was one of the incitors. Placed in solitary confinement on restricted diet and to forfeit all privileges until further orders. E.J. Miller, Associate Warden.
8-31-41 DISORDERLY CONDUCT. At about 10:10 P.M., this date, I accompanied Mr. Jones while he distributed medicine to inmates in "D" Cell Block. When I opend Young's door he shouted "Here's that cocksucker, let's put it on him." He got no cooperation from any other inmate. Report by F.B. Pringle, Sr. Officer. ACTION: Stated he did not know anything about htis, notwithstanding that both officers, Pringle and Jones, repeated the charge and despite my efforts to get from him some explamation of his conduct, he would neith admit or deny the charge. Continued in solitary. E.J. Miller, Associate.
9-13-41 Removed to isolation.
(Report continued on backside)
5-14-42 Removed to solitary on doctor orders.
5-16-42 Removed to hospital for observation.
7-11-42 Removed to isolation cell.
10-21-42 DESTROYING GOVERNMENT PROPERTY: Completely destroyed one mattress by ripping cover off and using contents as a bed. ACTION: On being interviewed, this inmate would not talk. Cell stripped and warned he must not destroy government property. Continued in isolation. Report by L.S. Nelson, Jr. Officer. E.J. Miller Associate Warden.
12-5-42 DESTRUCTION OF GOVERNMENT PROPERTY: This inmate flooded his cell with water from toilet and wash bowl, tore his mattress, and threw all his other clothes out of cell. ACTION: Young stated he did not know what he was doing. We took mattress out of his cell and stripped cell. He offered no resistance. Restricted diet and three blankets in cell. E.J. Miller, report #131863, Associate Warden.
4-11-44 FIGHTING. This inmate stopped Cretzer #548 in the yard at 9:00 a.m. this morning and both began fighting. Kyle #547 came to aid Cretzer. I pulled Kyle and Young apart. Report by Sen. Officer J. Comerford 131817 ACTION: Young stated that Cretzer called him a "Cock sucker" last Saturday. While in the yard this morning, Young, stated that he asked Cretzer to take these words back. Cretzer refused. They started to fight. Solitary confinement, rest. diet, forfeit all privileges until further orders. E.J. Miller, Assoc. Warden.
4-15-44 Removed from solitary to isolation D-cell.
2-27-45 To hospital for treatment, resulting from stab wound, inflicted by Franklin, #335-AZ. 621-AZ, Coulter has also attempted to stab Young-244,but failed. (see file for details)
3-8-45 Ret'd to D-block from hospital.
7-18-47 TRADING FOUNTAIN PENS. Inmate's number has been placed on all pens to prevent trading. Young has traded his Esterbrook and five points for one Eversharp ball point belonging to another inmate. R.R. Baker, Inst., ACTION: Stated he did not see why he could not swap his pen. He had traded pens with Sharpe #689. When warned he could not do this and could not write in letter to sister that he had made a good trade, became very angry stating what silly rules we had and how dumb the people were that ran this prison from lowest to highest official. Pens taken up and put in their jacket. 7-18-47 E.J. Miller, Assoc. W.
8-6-47 POSSESSION OF CONTRABAND. Sack of tobacco with nail hidden within found in this man's cell at 2:15 p.m. Evidence submitted. M.E. Ordway,Inst. ACTION: 8-7-47. Stated he did have this nail and string. Used nail to make holes in paper -- string to hold up writing board. Warned -- Forfeited 2 weeks yard. E.J. Miller, Associate Warden.