The Price of Vigilance:
Expenses of officers assigned to guard
Henri Young #244-AZ during trial





May 13, 1941

TO: Director, Bureau of Prisons
RE: Expenses of officers assigned to guard
Henry Young #244-Az during trial

Transmitted herewith for preaudit are claims for Lieutenant J.H. Simpson, Junior Officer Walter F. Dorrington and Junior Officer Earl E. Wallar for expenses incurred incidental to their assignment to guard Henry Young #244-Az during his trial in the U.S. District Court, San Francisco, California.

The travel orders were written at the rate of $3.00 per diem and this is based on the fact that that much was allowed to the officers who performed the same duty in San Francisco during the trial of Lucas and Franklin.

Reference is made to correspondence and vouchers covering the trial of prisoners Lucas and Franklin during the period October 31 to November 26, 1938. The vouchers covering expenses incurred during that trial were submitted for preaudit and the General Accounting Office held that "during the period of the detail the headquarters of the officers was San Francisco and not Alcatraz and neither per diem in lieu of subsistence nor actual expenses as in travel status would be payable to the officers while in San Francisco." The claims, however, were finally paid by direct settlement from the U.S. Marshals' appropriation. The Disbursing Officer, voucher numbers, and dates of payment are not known in this office but checks were received by officers involved during the first part of May, 1939.

The vouchers submitted herewith are unnumbered and the appropriation chargeable is left blank, for the reason that we are unable to determine at this time whether or not the payment will be made from Penitentiaries and Reformatories Maintenance, Fiscal Year 1941 or whether it will be paid from the U.S. Marshal's office as it was in the case of Lucas and Franklin.

We took this matter up with the U.S. Marshal's office as we believed that it might be expedient for them to render the vouchers, but they were of the opinion that we should make the vouchers and certify them here as we did in the case of Lucas and Franklin, which is the precedent that we are following in this particular case.

These men during the nineteen days of the trial were actually on duty in the San Francisco Jail and were unable to return to their residences on Alcatraz Island for meals or lodging; therefore, it is necessary that they be reimbursed.

J.A. Johnston, Warden