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Mail-robber Roy Gardner is released.
Frank Gouker writes a letter to Warden Johnston, warning him about a potential break-out by Arthur "Doc" Barker* and others.Gouker's Letter
Bryan Conway's "20 Months in Alcatraz" appears in The Saturday Evening Post.
John Paul Chase, partner of "Baby Face Nelson", is taken to New York as a material witness against two Reno underworld figures. He returns uneventfully.Arrangements for Chase
The Bureau of Prisons contracts out for the installation of tool-proof window guards along the seaward side of the Model Industries Building.Specifications for Tool-Proof Steel Bars
Chief Medical Officer George Hess is transferred to Terminal Island Jail. Dr. Romney M. Ritchey comes from McNeil Island to replace him.
The U.S. Supreme Court rules that prisoners in federal felony trials are entitled to a court appointed lawyer if they cannot otherwise afford one. Many Alcatraz prisoners compose writs of habeas corpus with a mind to earning their release.Johnson vs. Zerbst Decision
Whitney "Rufus" Franklin leads an escape attempt over the roof of the Model Industries Building. Officer Royal Cline and convict Limmerick are killed in the attempt.
Al Capone develops paresis of the brain due to untreated syphilis.Al Capone's Health
Sam Shockley arrives on Alcatraz.
Anthony Turano calls Warden Johnston Alcatraz's "duly-constituted Torquemada" in The American Mercury, an anti-New Deal digest.
The prison's annual report shows that 53.2 per cent of all prisoners are working in the industries; 31 out of 52 Junior Officers receive $1,920 annual salary.
P.W. "Pet" Reed's "Murder on Alcatraz" is published in The Examiner.
Al Capone is sent to Terminal Island to finish the last year of his sentence.
* designates extensive inmate biographies
additional bios in preparation