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Fred Hunter and Floyd Hamilton lead an escape attempt from the Model Industries building which costs the life of young James Boarman. Hamilton is believed to have died himself until he turns up after having hidden in a sea cave.
Robert Stroud files a petition of Habeas Corpus, contending that he was being cruelly and unjustly treated by his continued confinement in solitary.
Cecil Wright is discharged from Alcatraz by court order.
Jack Walker is released to the custody of New Mexico State Penitentiary officials to serve out the remainder of the prison term from which he fled.Walker Release Papers
William Martin hears voices and is sent to Springfield.
Henri Young purports to have heard the voice of God and confesses to a murder he'd committed in Washington State.Henri Young Confession
Ted Walter tries to hop a fence, but slips and falls, injuring his spine.
Thomas Robinson wins the right to a new trial. The second time, however, results in his being sentenced to death for the kidnapping of Mrs. Alice Helen Speed Stoll.
Faulty Christmas tree lighting causes a fire in the residential area.Christmas Tree Fire
A carbon tetrachloride distilling unit explodes in the Dry Cleaning Plant. One inmate is slightly injured.Dry Cleaning Explosion
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