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Prison industries wages are increased two cents per hour to reward Alcatraz inmates for their contributions to the war effort.
Thomas Robinson attempts to escape from the Jefferson County Jail, Kentucky. He is transferred to the Milan, Ohio penitentiary.
James V. Bennett orders Warden Johnston to stop allowing prisoners to take seconds at meals as a wartime waste reduction measure.Bennett memo on Seconds
A fire in the Net Shop briefly stops wartime production.Fire in Net Shop
Hugh Bowen again challenges the authority of the United States over crimes committed in National Parks, but his writ is again denied.
Cecil Wright is recommitted to Alcatraz.
Anti-aircraft units leave the Rock.
Bernard Paul Coy is recommended for transfer from Alcatraz.
The Alcatraz Argus publishes its first issue.Argus No. 1
Thomas Wareagle is implicated in a plot at Leavenworth to smuggle in benzedrine inhalers. He is returned to Alcatraz.
An early winter storm causes part of the dock to collapse, necessitating war-time repairs.
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