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A carelessly tossed cigarette starts a small fire in the laundry.Small Fire in Laundry
Rufus Franklin stabs Henri Young in the recreation yard. Young is placed in solitary for his own protection.Young Stabbing
Warden Johnston declares a work stoppage at the death of President Franklin Roosevelt.Mourning Roosevelt
Alcatraz guards go on alert during the United Nations Conference in San Francisco.UN Alert
U.N. delegates are granted permission to visit Alcatraz.
Clarence Carnes, the "Chocktaw Kid", arrives and becomes Alcatraz's youngest prisoner at age 18.Psychiatric Summary for Carnes
John Giles nearly makes it off the Rock when he dons a uniform and boards the Army launch bound for Angel Island.
Thomas Wareagle submits a petition of habeas corpus on the grounds that he did not have the assistance of counsel.
Thomas Robinson's death sentence is commuted by President Harry Truman.
Thomas Robinson is returned to Alcatraz.
Claude Branch is beaten to death by Ralph Greene.
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