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BOP Director orders Warden Johnston to return 24 M2 carbines to the Benecia Arsenal because of their automatic capabilities.
Byron Eshelman becomes the new Protestant Chaplain.Chaplain Reports
Gun ports and other riot prevention features are added to the Cell House.
One hundred blankets catch fire in the laundry.Fire in the Laundry
E.J. Miller transfers to Leavenworth. Paul Madigan becomes the new Associate Warden.
Dr. John B. Robinson transfers to Springfield Medical Center and is replaced as Chief Medical Officer by Dr. Richard S. Yokum.
Theodore "Blackie" Audett is conditionally released. He will return to Alcatraz in 1956 after spending time at McNeil Island and the Oregon State Penitentiary. His "autobiography" will see publication in 1954.
Robert Stroud is reported for Conspiracy in having an unnamed correctional officer carry out an unauthorized letter from D-Block. His cell is shaken down and what is described as "a filthy story" is discovered among his possessions.
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