Carl Janaway Writes A Letter
July 1939

Sunday July 9 = 1939

Dr. Ritchey
Dr. Horwitz


The toxin of Fatigue Has Been Demonstrated some time ago But the Poisons Generated By Evil Timper and Emotional Excess over non-essentials have not Yet Been determined although without a doubt thay exist. Explosions of timper. Emotional Cyclones and needless Fear and Panic. over Disease and misfortune that seldom materializy and I now Realize are simply Prison Cultivated Bad Habit un-natural Environment and worry about my Personal Welfare. and By the Proper treatment and ventilation and illumination of the mind it is Possible that I will soon cultivate tolerance. Poise and Real Courage and Health without Being a nit-wit and a Bromide taker.

Respectfully and Obedient
Carl J. Janaway