Psychiatric Summary
for Robert Stroud
(aka "The Birdman of Alcatraz")

Psychiatric Summary of STROUD, ROBERT, 594-AZ.
January 7, 1943
Age 53. Male. White. Single. Received at McNeil Island in 1909, to serve 12 years for Manslaughter in Alaska. Transferred to Leavenworth in 1912. In 1916 was sentenced to DEATH for MURDER of a Custodial Officer. This was later commuted to LIFE. Transferred to Alcatraz December 19, 1942.
Prenatal: Father died at 74. Mother died at 78, Ca Womb.
Natal: Born in Seattle, Jan 28, 1890. Normal birth.
Preschool: He was the third of four children. Raised by parents who seperated when subject was 12. He stayed with mother.
School: He attended school until 12, reached 3rd grade.
Occupational: He left home at 13 and traveled about rather aimlessly until age of 17 when he went to Alaska where he worked irregularly for about a year when he killed a man who had stayed all night with a woman for whom Stroud was pimping, and the paid he on $2.00 of a usual $10.00 fee. Stroud admits killing a man there but says it was a justifiable homicide etc. He received a 12 year sentence at Mc Neil Island and while there assaulted another Inmate for which he received a sentence of 6 months to run consecutively. Then he was transferred to Leavenworth where he killed an Officer whom he claims was threatening him with a club etc. Since that time he has been kept in segregation where he was allowed to raise birds for sale and operate a laboratory for the study of bird diseases etc. He claims ignorance of the reasons for his transfer here.
Physical: He is well nourished and looks well. Ht 6'3"[?] Wt 183#. There is a history of an Appendectomy and Renal calcules. He has Pneumonia two yars ago. Complains of constipation and "sluggish kidneys". He has Defective Vision and defective hearing. Has reading glasses. He denies use fo drugs and has no needle scars. Heart action normal. Lungs clear. Wasserman negative.
Mental: He is properly oriented and in good contact. He is alert and shows no memory defect of disturbance of consciousness. His intellectual development is above the avrage inspite of limited formal schooling. Has learned much about bird diseases and the propogation of birds. Has written a book on this subject. He blames Mr. Hunter and Mr. Shuttleworth for his transfer here which he suspects was done to prevent publication of his book etc. Denies he holds any resentment however. Expresses no delusions and there is no evidence that he has hallucinated. He is quite proud of his attainments and the "good" he has done by his laboratory investigations. He is rather introspective and gives much thought to his own body functions. He is not psychotic.
Diagnosis: Psychopathic personality of Superior Intelligence. IQ 112
Romney M. Ritchey [Surgeon?] USPHS