Bennett Exhorts Prisoners and Staff
to Help Feed the Hungry

Warden, Alcatraz

April 30, 1946

Conservation of Food Supplies

In prison there are patriots as generous as any of those on the outside. The prison community has reason to be proud of its record with blood donors, bond subscriptions, and other efforts in furthering the war. Now the fighting is over, and the whole country is called upon to feed the hungry children and starving people of Europe and Asia. Already prisoners are stepping into line to take their share of the responsibilities, and the newspapers report voluntary assistance offered by the prison communities scattered throughout the country.

We know that the Federal Prison System will do its part in this campaign, but the need is so urgent that we feel that an organized effort should be made to take full advantage of every opportunity. The shortage of food supplies is acute, and what help we are able to give must be made available now. That is the reason we are enclosing a memorandum suggesting some ideas for your consideration.

It is not considered either desirable or effective to impose any restrictive diet by administrative order. What we should like to accomplish is to give both prisoners and officers alike an opportunity to voluntarilly do their part in the conservation of food. A much healthier atmosphere will be possible is each one has an opportunity to do his part on a voluntary basis. The Administrator can do much in furthering this effort if he makes it interesting, informative, and keeps everyone advised with respect to the progress made in reaching the goal set by the institution.