Selections from
The Warden's Notebook

Warden Johnston and his successors kept a notebook with pages describing each of the prisoners and sometimes their conduct reports. The three pages reproduced here come from a bad microfilm copy of the notebook. The original copy of the Warden's Notebook is still held by Professor X and is one item which the designer of this page is asking people to petition the Bureau of Prisons for its return to Government safekeeping. The microfilm copies are, all too often, completely unreadable.

Al Capone's page is one of the few documents remaining in Government hands about the infamous Chicago crime lord.

George "Machine Gun" Kelly's page is one of the better pages on the microfilm. As with Capone, it is one of the few extant records of his stay on Alcatraz.

Alvin Karpis's page is partly unreadable due to the quality of the microfilm reproduction.
Reproductions courtesy of NARA-San Bruno.