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January 2015
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“Indifference to fate which, though it often makes a villain of a man, is the basis of his sublimity when it does not.”
by Thomas Hardy Far from the Madding Crowd

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No Fire Like Greed

Greed and hate are not signs of freedom, but of slavery. Free yourself.

Executing Christiana Green

What Tina King has said about Christina Taylor Green reeks worse than the bio-waste of any abortion

The Rats Remain on the Republican Ship — Good People Leave

Susan Eisenhower, granddaughter of DDE, left her grandfather’s party because she was sick and tired of the Rovian takeover: This week, I changed my registration from Republican to independent. The two political parties as they exist today, and the partisanship that they foster, reflect the many fights of the cold war, the Vietnam era, the […]

Cutting out on the Cults

One thing that remains a problem for those wishing to expose the machinations of religious organizations is the threat of the Big Lawsuit. Witness, for example, what happened to Paulette Cooper who wrote a book about Scientology in the 1970s. She was not only hectored with lawsuits, but she was framed in bomb-threats against Arab […]

The Fundamentalist Penetration of National Security

A maverick former military lawyer goes toe to toe with a national security threat: Evangelical Christians: The U.S. military, which I consider a noble and honorable institution, is technologically the most lethal organization ever created by Homo sapiens. When you have the leadership believing that to be a good soldier, good Marine, good airman or […]

The Right Realizes

In the wake of the Foley affair, the Right (which has done its best to undo our constitutional freedoms these last eight years) is suddenly concerned about Internet privacy. Like we on the Left didn’t warn them. Here’s an article from Forbes that you will want to read. I actually agree with much of what […]

For Beautiful Rights

Welcome back to America, my friends.

Touch Tone Surveillance

It isn’t “Big Government” that is to blame here. It is Big Corporation which has managed to privatize large sectors of our government and put it beyond our control.

This is Our Ally

Think again.

Locking up the Sociopaths

So a sociopath may be released because he doesn’t have an organic brain dysfunction like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.

The War for OIF

I disagree with theories that hold that Americans were docile lambs led to the slaughterhouse made of shrapnel and spent uranium.

Hands Off Our Internet

Here in America, the big telecommunications companies are lobbying to take over the Internet, to charge you for using your net.