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February 2015
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Archive for 'Mountain Lions'

Edison Trail

Death showed me one of its faces here, where the dust holds a track until the next strong wind. The sun did not warm me on that day. The cold chewed on my hands and dusk shoved the light aside to make way for the darkness. A clump of toyon bushes stood at the high […]

Mountain Lions in Whiting Again

Though I told my Facebook users that I feared the worst for the lion, Fish and Game seems to be following a So-you-wanna-be-around-humans-we’ll-let-you-live-around-humans” policy and sending it to a zoo.

Lions on the Line Shack

A mother and her cub have been spotted in these parts.

Lion in Wait?

It was about ten to twenty yards south of the Sleepy Hollow entrance that I saw faint tracks in the dust on the left side of the road.

Felis Concolor at Whiting Wilderness 4

On Tuesday, I went for a walk along the Sage Scrub Trail. There, preserved in the hardened mud along that mountain biker-eroded canyon, I saw a series of about ten tracks.

Winter Closure Continues at Whiting Ranch

Yellow police tape and red signs remain looped around the area following this month’s earlier mountain lion attack. I suspect that bikers are ignoring the signs.

My Mountain Lion

Was this my lion, the lion that I frightened off last October?

Felis concolor at Whiting Ranch Wilderness 3

We can and will learn from this. My sincere condolences to the family of the victim, to the woman who was mauled, and the two survivors of the incidents.

Felis Concolor at Whiting Ranch Wilderness 2

Think of it: a biker never stops to look. He is always on the move, always — in the eyes of the lion — fleeing. It’s like dragging a piece of red yarn in front of your cat. It’s going to induce it to pounce.

Deer, Puma Tracks, and Dead Rabbits

I came upon a park ranger who was deciding what to do with a dead rabbit. It had clearly been killed and chewed.

Moody Mountain Lions and Coyotes

I told my neighbors about seeing the mountain lion the other evening.