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“Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.”
by Arthur Miller

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The crowns in my mouth are falling off, leaving stubby posts where teeth once stood along the gum line.  (Which is what they actually look like underneath all that porcelain and gold.). Then top — just the top — of one of the molars comes off.  I pull it out of my mouth to find […]


The other day a trail biker ran me down.  Not out of malice, but due to ragged chance.  I heard the brakes screaming and a voice shouting behind me, so Instinct had me step to the right onto the grassy siding.   Alas, he had the same idea. The handlebars caught me in the small of […]

Whines of 2012 — Updated 12/17/2012

UPDATED: 9 September 2012 Let me count the ways the events of the past few months have screwed me. Note that there may will be additions as the weeks pass…so keep checking this article. It will be a mega-whine! First, my mother dies of a glioblastoma — brain cancer — the same disease that killed […]

The Health Care Reform That Has Yet to Happen

A plague is sweeping the nation. Three out of four Americans suffer from it. It is virulent and contagious. It destroys living tissue and bone. Bacteria at the point of infection inject their poisons into the bloodstream, exporting the destruction to other parts of the body. Cardiovascular disease, joint problems, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, […]

Keeping Your Teeth and Your Sanity

The scariest fact is that more than 600 drugs cause dry mouth. This includes all antidepressants, anti-psychotics, anti-convulsants, and stimulants.

I write about my health because….

I do this for me, but I have no qualms if you find something for yourself here, too. I am not selfish. Accept my sharing if it helps.


After cruising the streets of Salt Lake City, I find myself in a dentist’s chair. The dentist reviews the care I’ve received from six different professionals. He focuses especially on one, whose treatments I found especially palliative. A graphic illustrates what I think was done to my mouth — the good spread clear across the […]

The Hole and the Deficit

Lately, the little and ring fingers of the left hand have balked at the simple tasks I once employed them for….Everywhere I look for shortcuts

Stitches Out and A Golden Morning

Rain wet the pavement overnight. Clear sky forced a broad opening in the sky so when Lynn took me to get my stitches pulled this morning, sunlight lit the ripe grasses yellow. As we drove through Irvine, I used my unique passenger-side view to scan new developments. The strawberry fields were disappearing: a new community […]

The lone tree and rigging in the mouth

The lone tree, originally uploaded by EmperorNorton47. This is a photo1 I took on my last walk with Drake in the hills. This golden mesa kept attracting my attention but I couldn’t frame it with a wide-angle lense, so I stretched out my zoom to telephoto length. Even then, haze made the picture unpretty, so […]

Root Canal Revealed

The procedure (which I knew well from other excursions of the same kind) involved drilling, filing out the dead nerves, the insertion of an electric probe (to measure the length of the roots?), and the final filling of the slim cavities.

Root Canal!

Today’s fun is a root canal! First in four years! Well, that’s an improvement.