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January 2015
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“Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue. Realize the strength, move on.”
by Henry Rollins

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The Real Depravity of 2012

Let me get this clear: I am not gay. But according to the Radicals of the Tea Party (who really don’t care about gay marriage except to excite the fear-driven) I must be homosexual because I support same sex marriage. And I have supported it for many years — about 24 to be precise. To […]

On Fake Lesbians and Online Games: Personal Experience

The news that at least two prominent net lesbians were men left me only a little bit surprised. As a gamemaster on a MUSH1 I was familiar with the practice. Some men liked crossing genders. When they did it, many of them chose to be lesbians. How secretive they managed to be varied. We knew […]

This Ohio Congressman is Dead

This particular story blazed across Twitter like a tangible blessing direct from the hand of God

Steps and Leaps

Too many leftists elect officials and then do nothing other than express their views in opinion polls and fail to show up for elections to remind them that their issues, their power is important.

Fucking the Gay Family

I will not call Dobson an expert in anything aside from prevarication.

A Street Fight

Are women incapable of practising hard science?

The Ignorance Factor

This might explain why women vote Democratic and men Republican: Statistics released by the U.S. Department of Education suggest that men are less likely than women to earn bachelor’s degrees. Educated people tend to have a better sense of ethics and vote for liberals over conservatives.

Pro-Ana Reconsidered

Why the outcry against these sites when we remain silent on the fatty recipes posted throughout the InterNet?

Skeptical Women Unite

Gurrrls will love a new site dedicated to female skepticism

See Travelling Punk Get Sick

You go girl?


Tell BP Queen what you think

No Man Can Ban the Plan Friedan Began

Sing that to the tune of “The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly in the Plain”.