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“Only if we are secure in our beliefs can we see the comical side of the universe.”
by Flannery O'Connor

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No Fire Like Greed

Greed and hate are not signs of freedom, but of slavery. Free yourself.

What Businessman Running for President?

If anything, Mitt Romney is an anti-businessman.

Mitt Romney and the “Politics of Envy”

My city consists of a variety of economic communities. In my neighborhood alone, we have one bedroom condos, two bedrooms, townhouses, regular houses, and fine mansions on the hill. What you don’t see is the condo owners griping about the better circumstances of the people with the best houses. Most of us accept our fate. […]

An open letter to Ed Schultz

We would not be in this place if it hadn’t been for you telling people to stay home in 2010.

Beyond Stigma Education: Life or Death Politics for the Bipolar

Stand up for your right to be human and to contribute to this society of ours.

Amazon Affiliate Program Discontinued

The Amazon affiliate program that you never bothered to buy from here at Pax Nortona has been discontinued due to the fact that I am a California resident. Once again, the effort to punish the small businessman to protect the big businessman has been successful. If things go as they have been, trust that this […]

The Man Wearing Paisley and Denim

He came in wrapped in blue and yellow cotton paisley cloth around his chest and over his head, faded denims around his legs. He carried a pink paisley bag. Sat down near us. When Lynn said something to me, he said “You can stop talking now.” He got up and moved to the table behind […]

Republican Christmas

If Christ was born among us today and they got wind of it, the Republicans would be at the manger to brand Him deny the validity of his birth certificate.

Obama’s Blunder

My only question is “Jerry Brown? Won’t you run?

Twain, Gould, and Mammonism; Strickland

I’m deep in Mark Twain’s Autobiography, a curious document which consists of his dictated remembrances, newspaper clippings, and a biography written by his second child, Susy. It does not follow any sort of neat line, but jumps about like a carnival ride landing here in his lecture circuit days, there in his boyhood, and here […]

Democrats, Take Notice

Do you want me dead to preserve the ridiculous profits of an institution that should be founded on service rather than profits?

Steps and Leaps

Too many leftists elect officials and then do nothing other than express their views in opinion polls and fail to show up for elections to remind them that their issues, their power is important.