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“People living deeply have no fear of death.”
by Anaïs Nin

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There in the half darkness sits a cat, the white fur of her neck mounded like a cravat, a tabby shield over her heart.  A loud, uneven purr pours out of her nose.  She waits for my service, first as waiter, then as warmer on the bed.  This is my companion when the disturbances of […]

Bipolar Cancer Husband No. 2

I must confess that I still feel a little selfish when I remind people that I am under stress — perhaps more stress than Lynn.

Fiona is Gone….

We put Fiona down at 5:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time. She appeared to have pancreatitis and something that was damaging her liver in a big way. It was going to cost us $2000 to have a 50-50 chance of keeping her alive. We had already put down $2500. I think the vet encouraged me because […]

Wendell the Bear

This is how I acquired him. My cat, a lovely calico by the name of Brandy Whine or Ms. Whine, went into heat. (Brandy had the talent of turning away when I tried to photograph her.) Several males from the Durham, North Carolina neighborhood — where I shared an abode with four room mates — […]

Dancing Diamond

Late at night, I read by flashlight. We are temporarily without light in the bedroom: our new bed has forced out the floor lamps, so we must wait for the money to afford wall lights over the bed. Boadicea comes to rest beside me. She fixates on the flashlight, rubbing her chin against the lens. […]

Road Kill

Just at the point where Ridgeline Drive reaches its uttermost crest and begins to slide down towards El Toro, the blue SUV was stopped in the middle of the street with its lights on and the driver’s door open. On the left, beneath the street light, a woman was laying a gray and white tabby […]


A man we know likes to take his cat for walks in the park. The man strolls down the street and the cat — a smallish gray tabby boy — follows along. Once at the park, Dude, as the cat is known, looks around and then follows the man home. The dogs in the park […]

Socks, the Ultimate Democat, Passes

Former First Cat Socks is dead.


Sometimes I can observe my compulsive peculiarities. Let me preface this by telling you about a cat that I used to have as a companion. Ambrose liked to jump in the tub while there was still an inch or two of water in it. He would stroll from end to end, lifting a paw at […]

Cat and Rabbit Skins

A few months ago, we inherited a bobcat hide mounted on brown felt. This brown-spotted, golden-skinned relic had come off a feline which was shot about a hundred years ago by the father of my recently deceased great aunt. Mischievous as we are, we could not but help offer it to Fiona and Boadicea as […]


We now have a Boston Terrier, a sad-eyed gentleman with a brindle coat who very quickly learned that the cats outranked him. Fiona showed him by slapping him on the nose when he tried to lick her which cat and dog owners know to heinous. Later he snuffed up one of her cat treats which […]


What else do these people use the paddles for?