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January 2015
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“What sane person could live in this world and not be crazy?”
by Ursula K. Le Guin

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The crowns in my mouth are falling off, leaving stubby posts where teeth once stood along the gum line.  (Which is what they actually look like underneath all that porcelain and gold.). Then top — just the top — of one of the molars comes off.  I pull it out of my mouth to find […]


I am sorting through some things when my bare calf is bitten — or rather mouthed — by a red, white and blue ball. The ball has no mouth of its own — rather there is a head wrapped up inside of it and it is the head that is trying to bite me through […]


A black man keeps preventing me from taking sugar or salt from a bowl by pulling on a string he has around my right arm. When I ask why, he says he is protecting it from other people. When he gets up from the table, I follow him. “Tell me about McCarthyism,” I ask. He […]


While I make an announcement about the support group, the members begin to meet with some new people.  I finish my work just in time to see the newcomers get up before the end of the meeting and go to an outer area to eat pancakes with blueberry syrup.  I feel hurt.  The leader of […]


A pair of maids are helping me clear out my brother’s bedroom in the old house. One of them keeps knocking pictures from the wall. I tell her that it is all right and help her cut away the broken frames and stack them neatly. She produces an old movie poster from a Chinese film […]


The teacher is standing in the center of the room holding up a flip chart. The subject is mathematics. She has divided the test into two kinds: one for those who like math and one for those who hate it. The second part features an algebra problem in which we are to figure out how […]


I am on a cruise with my brother. There seems to be a writing conference going on. We meet someone we both knew in Boy Scouts. My brother comments that the range of people on the cruise seems narrow and the friend agrees. I find that I am sitting in the chair that one of […]


An alien made of mint jelly becomes my companion. I have it teach the Toastmasters to dance, then take it to the Opera House. I reach the top of the stairs. And either they won’t let me in or I decide that I didn’t want to go in after all. So I go down another […]


A scandal erupts. During a Super Bowl, a fan sneaks onto the field wearing the uniform of his team and catches the ball for a winning touchdown. Now several weeks later, the opposing team wants the result repealed because the winners had an extra and illegal man on the field. The winners, of course, don’t […]


My mother demonstrates how to feed an angry cat a treat by stuffing it through the ear. I get on the phone to talk to an old friend and while he is going on and on, he lets it slip that my brother-in-law found him a job at Stanford. When I ask about this, there […]


I am walking next to a cemetery which once needed to be rearranged. Space was tight. The last time I was here, I met a man who had been in charge of the reorganizing and told him that I was the one who saw that the three graves needed to be moved. He thanked me […]


My mother has fallen on bad times1 — she is very sick and leaves my brother and me to look after her business. When she comes back, she thanks us for getting most of it done, but there is still the matter of the electricity bills. She kneels on the floor and goes through them […]