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“The evolution of the brain not only overshot the needs of prehistoric man, it is the only example of evolution providing a species with an organ which it does not know how to use.”
by Arthur Koestler

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Shopping at Moods-R-Us

This is a peeve I’ve had for a long time. I can understand the reasoning, but I don’t like the additional implications. Due to the media, folklore, and other cancers of popular culture, the phrase “mental patient” acquired some bad connotations. Some people didn’t want to be labeled with it because they had been wrongly […]

Personal Choice, Charity, and a Cardboard Box

Because we recognize that there are others who do not enjoy our relative affluence, we have chosen not to take advantage of the system even when, in poorer days, we could.

The Man Wearing Paisley and Denim

He came in wrapped in blue and yellow cotton paisley cloth around his chest and over his head, faded denims around his legs. He carried a pink paisley bag. Sat down near us. When Lynn said something to me, he said “You can stop talking now.” He got up and moved to the table behind […]

The Health Care Reform That Has Yet to Happen

A plague is sweeping the nation. Three out of four Americans suffer from it. It is virulent and contagious. It destroys living tissue and bone. Bacteria at the point of infection inject their poisons into the bloodstream, exporting the destruction to other parts of the body. Cardiovascular disease, joint problems, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, […]

My Lack of Health Insurance Nightmare

I’ve been locked out by my illness and by economic realities.

The Extreme Right’s Plan After Tucson

The plan is no plan. Just run on automatic knee-jerk

Destroyed by Lack of Insurance

*REVISED* 8/23/2009 Twenty years ago, a young man was in serious difficulties. Waves of depression paralyzed him at a terrible job in a declining small business. He had difficulty sleeping at night. He had unexplainable chest pains and dizzy spells. When he went to the trailer in a warehouse that served as the personnel office, […]

Anti-Health Care Thugs

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy The name of the game is intimidation. The evidence is in: lobbyists for the health care industry are promoting disruption in an attempt to stop us from enjoying the same quality of health care insurance as is enjoyed by millions in other civiilized […]

Save our family, save yourself some bucks

We have good insurance, provided by Lynn’s job. She pays extra so that I am covered. If it were not for this, we’d be paying thousands of dollars for my medications that protect me from the effects of my various medical conditions which include bipolar disorder, diabetes, asthma, gout, and coronary heart disease1 . I […]

Democrats, Take Notice

Do you want me dead to preserve the ridiculous profits of an institution that should be founded on service rather than profits?

Moveon Made Me Do This

MoveOn Made Me Do This on See my other 12 Seconds Videos here.

Treating Health Care Like Banking?

This little series from the Institute for America’s Future has appeared here before. I found the title of this one catchy and hope you will take the time to read it and think. John McCain and Sarah Palin will damage our nation beyond repair after eight years of W. Friends do not let friends vote […]