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“I like America. But I don't like Americans who tell me how great it is, as if they themselves made it.”
by Andy Rooney

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Archive for 'Depression'

How Positive Thinking Poisons Bipolar Disorder

When you are depressed, society forces you to lie.

The Brain is a Dark Country

The brain is a dark country. I travel there alone, lurching over its high roads and through its scourging vales. I believe that what happens to us is only a small part of our moods. The rest is a geology set down when we were in the womb, shaped by the fidgetings of life. At […]

Depression Finds References Everywhere

Sorry for my absence. I got word a few weeks ago that my mother had a glioblastoma growing in her head and had only a few weeks to live. Since then, I have been swinging from depression to mania and back again, with a day or two here and there where I feel neither condition. […]

The Talent of Depression

I’m surrounded by people who tell me that everyone has a talent. Years of aptitude testing followed by generous explorations into various careers and skills have led me to the conclusion that my special genius is for being depressed about 10% to 90% of the day, depending on whether I have taken my medications, exercised, […]

The Soul as Hamburger Meat

Imagine a soft, gray rock domed and striated like a hamburger bun. No life here, you think, then you notice the blue gray beady eyes blink. It opens its maw and takes you in, chewing toothlessly on your chest. Paralysis prevents you from crying. Oh save my soul, oh save my soul, oh save my […]

The Health Care Reform That Has Yet to Happen

A plague is sweeping the nation. Three out of four Americans suffer from it. It is virulent and contagious. It destroys living tissue and bone. Bacteria at the point of infection inject their poisons into the bloodstream, exporting the destruction to other parts of the body. Cardiovascular disease, joint problems, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, asthma, osteoporosis, […]

The Scary Guy Defense

A friend of mine who is a mental health professional in Germany and I often watch a certain social media site for signs of distress among the denizens. Recently, I dropped her a note about one fellow who struck me as being on the proverbial roller coaster. She shuddered when she checked him out and […]

Arguing with the God Within

For the depressed and the anxious, the silence of God is a scream.

Vitamin D and the Cold Blue Funks

My endocrinologist tapped a few keys and brought up my latest bloodwork. She pursed her lips as she scanned the numbers. My triglycerides were too high, so she upped my Lipofen. Everything else was within proper balances. Except at the bottom of her study: my Vitamin D levels were excruciatingly low. I asked her what […]

In a Sad Corner of the Multiverse

My current reading consists of three books crammed into my Kindle — Styron’s [amazonify]0679736638::text::::The Confessions of Nat Turner[/amazonify], Metaxas’s [amazonify]1595551387::text::::Bonhoeffer[/amazonify], and a curious but apparently true work of physics by Brian Greene called [amazonify]0307265633::text::::The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos[/amazonify]. I have to admire anyone who wades through piles of […]

The Paranoid Experience

Paranoia burns both as one of the brands of stigma and as a symptom experienced by sufferers of bipolar disorder.

Science and Anti-Science on Depression

Up to the podium they boldly walk and claim the Nobel Prize for themselves based on the same sort of reasoning that leads Creationists to dispute the Theory of Evolution. It amounts to “Science is not certain, so we have won the argument because we ~are~ certain.”