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December 2014
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“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”
by Carl Gustav Jung

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White House Ruins

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Archive for 'Accountability'

The Myth of Efficient Private Industry

I always get a kick when people tell me that private industry always does things better than government. Consider this true story: A couple of weeks ago, our microwave began acting funny. First, the clock slowed down. Then the timer began exhibiting one of three behaviors: Sometimes it would operate correctly. Sometimes it would turn […]

No Politics at Thanksgiving Please

It never fails at many homes across the nation. We are ostensibly brought together to experience gratitude as families. We sit down at the table, watch as the turkey is carved, pass the cranberry sauce and the stuffing, eat, and then listen to a harangue by one member of the family about the current state […]

Accountability and Loss of Memory

I’ve seen many people in bipolar support groups counsel the newly diagnosed not to feel shame for things they did while they were in episode: it was the disease that did it, not them is the reasoning. This cleaving of the self, I think, does not help us get a handle on the illness and […]

The Real Depravity of 2012

Let me get this clear: I am not gay. But according to the Radicals of the Tea Party (who really don’t care about gay marriage except to excite the fear-driven) I must be homosexual because I support same sex marriage. And I have supported it for many years — about 24 to be precise. To […]

Bachmann’s Migraines: New swing on stigma

If John F. Kennedy could get us through the Cuban Missile Crisis with the threat of migraines hanging over him, this issue should be dead, cremated, shot into space, and buried in a black hole.

An open letter to Ed Schultz

We would not be in this place if it hadn’t been for you telling people to stay home in 2010.

This Ohio Congressman is Dead

This particular story blazed across Twitter like a tangible blessing direct from the hand of God

Do I Engage in Violent Rhetoric?

So here is your challenge: catch me doing it.

The Extreme Right’s Plan After Tucson

The plan is no plan. Just run on automatic knee-jerk

Diagnosing Jared Lee Loughner for Political Gain

Lightning probably did not strike in Arizona, but hatred did.

Laughner and His Cloud of Unknowing

Laughner may be as crazy as a fox.

The Death Squads Arrive

Progressives, it is time to rise like you have never risen before.