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“Never to suffer would never to have been blessed.”
by Edgar Allan Poe

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Archive for 'Morals & Ethics'

Selfies and Narcissism

Notice how people with no clue of the personalities of the people who post selfies jump to the conclusion that they must be narcissists? Appreciation of the complexity of motives driving self portraiture lies beyond the capacity of their minds it seems. I, however, believe the problem is ignorance which fuels too hasty judgements. I […]

No Fire Like Greed

Greed and hate are not signs of freedom, but of slavery. Free yourself.

Thoughts on Models

Models need to understand that they are part of the creative process and photographers need to treat them as creative peers.

What the Koch Brothers Can Do & Dare Not

The Koch Brothers are on the defensive with a bright new campaign describing all the charitable causes to which they are giving money. “How can you possibly say we are inhumane (even though we financed the Tea Party which is now out to destroy Medicare and Social Security along with collective bargaining and unions?)” You’re […]

Rand, Anthem, and Genocide

Just what did Rand want to do with all the people who didn’t measure up to her “heroic” ideal?

Walking the Flat Track

Guilt is the mainstay of some of us who struggle with bipolar disorder. I saw my mind disintegrate during the nineties.

Nietzschean Christianity

Forms of American Christianity prove endlessly creative when it comes to combining affirmations of faith with worldly life. Consider, for example, the new fad of “pole dancing for Jesus“. The thing that makes this possible isn’t a biblical text (and never let it be The Letter of James which says that you shall be judged […]

Cheap Love

As an agnostic, I can allow myself to trolley back and forth between atheist and religious thinkers. I’ve been reading a biography of [amazonify]1595551387::text::::Dietrich Bonhoeffer[/amazonify], paying special attention to the notion of “cheap” versus “costly” grace. Just as in the years before Hitler’s rise, we see a lot of cheap grace in our Christian community. […]

Goy on the Wall

Last week, I attended a film festival held in conjunction with a Jewish Genealogy conference at the L.A. Live Marriot. No, despite my eminently semitic name (Joel Sax), I am not Jewish. Lynn was there because she has long suspected that she has Sephardim ancestors from the vicinity of Constantinople or Thessaloniki. Wednesday was rich […]

Tired Pity

Every day, nearly, I meet a disturbed person, either online, in a support group, or, rarely, out in the world. The easiest, for me, are the hurt and disappointed by love: in their desperation the good in me can reach out and encourage them to pay no attention to the absence of affection in their […]

Wise Divides, Foolish Unities

Atheists have a hard time fathoming Christian division. When it suits them, they ignore it to cast blame on every Christian for every dastardly deed done by the Fundamentalist Right.

Bipolar or Just Spoiled?

`Oh, don’t bother me,’ said the Duchess; `I never could abide figures!’ And with that she began nursing her child again, singing a sort of lullaby to it as she did so, and giving it a violent shake at the end of every line: `Speak roughly to your little boy, And beat him when he […]