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September 2014
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“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”
by Douglas Adams

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Archive for 'Grief'

Fiona is Gone….

We put Fiona down at 5:45 PM Pacific Daylight Time. She appeared to have pancreatitis and something that was damaging her liver in a big way. It was going to cost us $2000 to have a 50-50 chance of keeping her alive. We had already put down $2500. I think the vet encouraged me because […]

Depression Finds References Everywhere

Sorry for my absence. I got word a few weeks ago that my mother had a glioblastoma growing in her head and had only a few weeks to live. Since then, I have been swinging from depression to mania and back again, with a day or two here and there where I feel neither condition. […]

Wrestling with Angels

You never know the nature of a person’s glue until they vanish

Presence of an Absence

I want to pick up the phone, dial her number, and say to her “What’s this death thing you’re on about? “

Code Blue

What she said made no sense.

Denos Gazis 1930 to 2004

Lynn’s father passed away at about 3 am Eastern time last night after a seven year struggle with bone cancer.

Tracy Comes Home

Tracy came home yesterday, via UPS.

Tracy’s Bum

I’m not going to clean your bum!


“Oh, my poor baby!” I cried, as if she could still feel it. “I’m so sorry!”


Thank you to everyone who responded so quickly to my news of Tracy’s death last night. And thank you to those who will offer their comfort.

Tracy Tu Tu Wa Wa (1986 to 2003)

She died as I said, in my lap, crying only once, near the end.

A Worry

Four months after his dog died, my father suffered his fatal heart attack.