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September 2014
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“When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work, ask him: 'Whose?'”
by Don Marquis

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Dreaded Hill

Forest Along the Line Shack Road

Lake Rancho Santa Margarita with Saddleback

Do Not Feed the Ducks and Geese

Line Shack Road

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Archive for 'Whines'

Whines of 2012 — Updated 12/17/2012

UPDATED: 9 September 2012 Let me count the ways the events of the past few months have screwed me. Note that there may will be additions as the weeks pass…so keep checking this article. It will be a mega-whine! First, my mother dies of a glioblastoma — brain cancer — the same disease that killed […]

Cancer Threat

The Universe appears to have taken on the role of the Mafia in my life. Instead of striking me directly, it has gone after the one I love.

Two Plagues

Somewhere there’s got to be a science fiction story about a black planet just radiating heat. The natives paint white, yellow and blue stripes over the surface, then move their black-tired transport vehicles into alignments prefigured by these arrangements. The sentient life forms of this planet run from their transports into refrigerated warehouses and back […]

The Kingdom of the Blurry

I can think of little more frustrating that my regular routine of losing my glasses.

Twenty Cents Don’t Make A Paradigm

Here’s one to have you whistling Loonie Tunes

Notes towards an obituary

I spent a few hours this morning making notes towards an obituary, what might be said about me should I die suddenly.

Why my mother doesn’t blog or chat online

She knows that I can cut and paste.

Bore or Boor?

I must be the only blogger the number of whose posts exceeds the number of his comments.


I ran out of xanax and Blue Cross won’t refill for another five days!

Someone Said It….

To quote Ezra Pound: “What thou lovest best still remains/the rest is dross”. I’m confident that’s not a fact (Ambrose wasn’t dross), but perhaps there’s an attitude worth adopting.