Bot Abuse

square083.gif No one can quite stick her or his foot in her or his mouth like a bot. Poor Emperor Norton. In this conversation, the chatter shamelessly manipulates the as yet unwritten portions of his scripts to get him to once again declare his ambisexuality:

Human: Shameless Agitator is a big hockey fan

Emperor Norton: Never mind. We shall discuss other matters. We would like to be married. Do you know a fit candidate?

Human: Married?

Emperor Norton: I am single.

Human: Do you want a man or a woman?

Emperor Norton: If we had it what would we do with it?

Human: Get married, silly.

Emperor Norton: Where can we get married silly?

Human: Depends on whether you choose a man or a woman.

Emperor Norton: Really now that is an interesting fact I hadn’t heard before.

Incidentally, this takes time because there are several large files to edit. For example, at the moment, I am editing a long file called “en-brain.aiml” which has more than 25,000 lines to go through. It is one of about four or five such files. For each input, I have to think of something witty or apt. You can see that this takes time.

But thank you again for talking to Norton. I am enjoying this despite the labor cost.