What Businessman Running for President?

square782Honestly, please show me. A businessman is someone who makes a product, sells a product, keeps the economy going. He struggles with the day to day of keeping afloat so that he can keep serving consumers. That describes Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. It described Steven Jobs. But Mitt Romney? Give me a break.

Mitt is a corporate raider. He doesn’t care about making products or selling them. He seizes control of companies and sells off their assets. If anything, he is an anti-businessman.

Real businessmen know that he is bad for business and for the economy in general.


  1. Sounds like the plot of ‘Pretty Woman’, only I don’t think there will be a transformation and happy ending with Mitt in the Richard Gere role…. Do we really want someone at the helm who only knows how to destroy the organization and all it stands for?

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