Sheet No. 4




Name: Henry Young No. 244-AZ

9-4-38 DISOBEDIENCE OF ORDERS, ATTEMPTING TO AGITATE. Refused to put empty food tray out of his cell. Claimed he wanted "Seconds". Then after I left, he threw tray and bowl out in the aisle. R.R. Baker, Jr., 0. Report No. 2. ACTION: Solitary confinement, restricted diet; continued loss of all privileges until further orders. Thsi man had a full ration of food, none was left for seconds. Wanted to be spokesman for others in Isolation thus tending to agitate and disturb the group. E.J. Miller, Associate Warden.
9-11-38 Young #244-AZ. will be removed from Solitary to Isolation cell "D" Block, continued loss of all privileges until further orders, effective 3:00 P.M. this date. E.J. Miller, Associate Warden.
10-7-38 CREATING DISTURBANCE IN CELLHOUSE. At 5:30 P.M. this date, I caught the above-named man creating disturbance by yelling at the top of his voice. Report #1005, Richard Dennison. Action: To be placed in solitary confinement on restricted diet with continued loss of all privileges for ninety days. E.J. Miller, Associate Warden.
1-13-39 ATTEMPT TO ESCAPE. Young sawed two bars of his isolation cell, broke one window bar of toolproof steel with some implement, sawed outside the window sash and escaped from cell block onto the Island between 3 and 4 A.M. He was captured on the beach of the Island, returned to the cell block at about 5 A.M. by Lieut. Weinhold and Officer Rychner. Report #917, E.J. Miller, Associate Warden. Action: To be placed in solitary confinement on restricted diet and to forfeit all privileges until further orders. Would not tell anything about escape. Dr. Horwitz examined Young before he was put in Solitary Confinement. E.J. Miller, Associate Warden.
1-27-39 Removed from solitary confinement to isolation Cell #587 in "D" Block with continued loss of all privileges until further orders. E.J. Miller, Associate.
  1. Creating a disturbance at 10:50 P.M. this date -- there was again a banging of pillows and much loud yelling in D Block. I had just left "D" Block and was still within the screen at the west end, and on arriving back inside I found the above inmate banging his pillow to create sound and disturbance in cell house.
  2. Loud yelling, pounding, cursing, and attempting to throw water upon an officer. This prisoner was yelling and pounding the front of his cell with the frame of his bed; I stopped in front of his cell and he yelled, "Go on you bastard I don't want to talk to you", I did not move on quickly enough to suit him and he said "You god damned bastard I will throw water on you", he got his cup and started filling it with water as I walked on. This man kept yelling and pounding until 2:15 A.M. CONTINUED ON NEXT SHEET.