Name: Henry Young No. 244-AZ

  1. Creating Disturbance in cell house. This inmate was yelling, singing and slamming his bunk against the floor at 1:15 A.M.
    Report #1 - R.W. Dennison, Senior officer (1224)
    Report #2 - C.Y. Hurst, Junior Officer (115101)
    Report #3 - J.H. Simpson, Lieut (2317)
ACTION: This man was one of the ring leaders in creating disturbance throughout the night. He became abusive and combative, striking and kicking the officers sent to bring him from his cell. PLACED IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT ON RESTRICTED DIET AND TO FORFEIT ALL PRIVILEGES UNTIL FURTHER ORDERS. E.J. Miller, Associate Warden.
7-15-39 Removed from solitary to isolation "A" Block; regular diet; all privileges to remain forfeited. E.J. Miller, Associate.
8-29-39 ATTACKING McCAIN #267-AZ. This man tried to stab McCain #267 while being served through his cell dor, by McCain. I slammed the door and locked it. Young bent the metal object he used to stab McCain and flushed it down the toilet. Report #115126 by J. Steere, Jr. Officer. ACTION: Would not state why he attacked McCain. TO BE PLACED IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT ON RESTRICTED DIET, ALL PRIVILEGES FORFEITED UNTIL FURTHER ORDERS. E.J. MILLER, ASSOCIATE WARDEN.
9-15-39 Removed to isolation "A" Block, regular diet, all privileges to remain forfeited until further orders. E.J. Miller, Associate.
11-9-39 DISREGARD FOR TALKING REGULATIONS. After having told Young and Franklin that they had best put a damper on in regards to their talking they continued talking even when I was known to be in the vicinity. Report #115382 by Richard Dennison, Sr. Officer. ACTION: Forfeit one week's yard privileges. E.J. Miller, Associate Warden.
12-15-39 CONTRABAND IN CELL. While searching this inmate's cell at 2 P.M. this date, I found a brass dagger hidden in the mattress This weapon was fashioned from brass plunger used to flush toilet. Report #1898 by M.A. Amende, Jr. Officer. ACTION: Denied any knowledge of the weapon. To be placed in solitary confinement on restricted diet and to forfeit all privileges until further orders. E.J. Miller, Associate Warden.
12-19-39 Removed to Isolation cell.
11-21-40 Removed to regular cell and work assignment with all privileges restored. E.J. Miller, Associate Warden.
12-3-40 LEAVING PLACE OF WORK IN THE MODEL SHOP, ENTERING TAILOR SHOP STABBING ANOTHER INMATE. At about 10:05 this A.M., Young #244-AZ entered the Tailor Shop and stabbed McCain #267-AZ. Report by F.W. Mach, Sr. Officer. ACTION: Placed Young in segregation "A" Block. McCain died afternoon of 12-3-40. Young to remain in segregation awaiting disposition by Federal Authorities. E.J. Miller, Associate.