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James A. Johnston begins work as warden of Alcatraz, returning to public life after working as a bank official.
Thirty two Army prisoners remain on the Island in Bureau of Prisons custody.Army Memo
Johnston writes the Daily Routine, the procedure which will govern the lives of prisoners and guards.The Daily Routine
Attorney General Homer Cummings inspects the new prison facility.Cumming's Order
First civilian prisoners arrive from McNeil Island, Washington.
Al Capone and Thomas Wareagle arrive from Atlanta Federal Penitentiary.
George "Machine Gun" Kelly arrives in a shipment of "furniture" from Leavenworth. Machine Gun Kelly Doc
Two private boats are forced to land on Alcatraz during high seas. Passengers are questioned for several hours before being released and assisted back to the mainland.
The Mat Shop, where tires are recycled into rubber mats for naval vessels, begins operation.
Counterfeiter John Stadig jumps from a secure prison train that is taking him back to Alcatraz, in Richmond, California. He remains at large for ten days, until he is caught in Martinez, California.
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