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Released counterfeiter Al "Sailor" Loomis tells the press about Alcatraz's dungeons. He reports being frightened when he is surrounded by talking people in a restaurant.
First General Strike begins in the laundry. Johnston locks the strikers in their cells. Some are brought downstairs into the dungeons. Some later claim that the death of an inmate from appendicitis precipitated the event.
The last resisting strikers go on a hunger strike. Medical personnel tube-feed them.
Deputy Warden C.J. Shuttleworth identifies the strike leaders for the BOP.
James Lucas attacks Al Capone in the prison basement with a pair of shears.
Joseph Bowers is shot while climbing the fence outside the incinerator.Bower's Shooting
Alvin Karpis arrives at Alcatraz.Karpis's Conduct Record
Henry Larry publishes his inside account of life at Alcatraz. He reports that he watched Joseph Bowers climb the fence to feed the pigeons.
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