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Released forger and Columbia University alumnus Albert Best tells reporters "It is the man himself and not the place that drives some of them crazy."
Associate Warden C.J. Shuttleworth transfers to Leavenworth. E.J. Miller is promoted to become his replacement.
The San Francisco News publishes A.W. Davis's account of life at Alcatraz.
Frank J. Taylor lauds Warden Johnston in Collier's.
Bernard Paul Coy arrives on Alcatraz.Coy's Conduct Record
One hundred or more men refuse to work. This marks the Second General Strike.
Burton Phillips attacks Warden Johnston in the mess hall. Johnston is knocked out, but saved by the quick thinking of Officer Joe Steere.
Edward Wutke commits suicide.
Ted Cole and Ralph Roe escape from the Model Industries Building but are presumed drowned in San Francisco Bay.
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