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New Industrial Good Time Regulations take effect.Industrial Good Time
Guards find two home-made pistols following a tip by William J. Dainard. Dainard is sent to solitary when a search of his mattress reveals holes cut to fit the guns.
The Supreme Court rules that a District Court cannot dismiss Jack Walker*'s contention that he was unfairly denied counsel without a hearing, no matter how "improbable and unbelievable" the Government may insist his allegations to be.Walker vs. Johnston Decision
The Chronicle runs a front page story claiming that Cole and Roe have been living the high life in South America. The daily's "facts" prove unconvincing and eventually the FBI closes the case, ruling that the pair drowned.
The Federal Penitentiary is forced to revise its boat schedule when the Army limits use of the "Coxe" and converts the "El Aquario" into a troop ship as part of its pre-war preparedness campaign.
Young is found guilty of manslaughter after his lawyers put Alcatraz on trial. His jury demands that conditions at Alcatraz be investigated.
Bureau of Prisons Director James Bennett issues a statement defending Warden Johnston.Bennett Statement
Forrest Holiday wins his Supreme Court appeal contesting the use of the U.S. Commissioner to hear habeas corpus pleas at Alcatraz.Holiday vs. Johnston Decision
Judge Michael Roche holds a hearing on Jack Walker's claim that he was denied the use of counsel and rules against him.
Floyd Barkdoll, Joseph Cretzer, and his brother-in-law Arnold Kyle lead an attempt to break through the bars of the Model Industries Building. They seize several guards and fellow convicts as hostages while they futiley attempt to saw through the tool-proof bars of the Mat Shop. Eventually, they surrender.
Frank Gouker and Stanley Brown are released from Federal custody.
Frank Clarvoe writes "Alcatraz Debunked" for the San Francisco News.
John Bayless nearly drowns in an escape attempt from the Rock.
A perimeter fence now surrounds the entire residential area, separating it from the penitentiary portion of the island.
Warden Johnston chooses to ignore a "lights-out" order from General John DeWitt of the Presidio, bringing a sharp rebuke from Department of Justice officials in Washington.
* designates extensive inmate biographies
additional bios in preparation