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Dr. Romney Ritchey retires as Chief Medical Officer and is succeeded by Dr. John B. Robinson.
The U.S. District Court in San Francisco denies Thomas Wareagle's petition of habeas corpus.
James Grove murders Ben McMiller.
Combat-savvy Marines come to the aid of the Bureau of Prisons when Bernard Paul Coy's attempt to break out of the Cell House turns into a bloody last stand for himself, Marvin Hubbard, and Joseph Cretzer. Two guards are also killed.
The Benecia Arsenal provides the Rock with extra carbines and gun equipment.
Twenty seven guards go on sick leave as a result of injuries sustained during the Blast-Out or other ailments. Healthy Alcatraz guards must work a 48 hour week through the end of the year.
James V. Bennett calls on Alcatraz prisoners and staff to voluntarily ration their food so that the excess might go to feed the hungry children of Europe and Asia.Bennett's Plea
A heavy fog delays the return of eight prisoners who have been on the mainland testifying in the "Blast-Out" trial.
A San Francisco jury finds Clarence Carnes, Sam Shockley, and Miran Thompson guilty of mutiny. Shockley and Thompson receive the death penalty.
U.S. Public Health Service Dr. Marion King reports that 75 per cent of the inmates at Alcatraz may be classed as "psychopathic" compared with 12 per cent at other federal institutions.
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