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Chronology The richest source of information on this site is this timeline which includes links to convict biographies, historic documents, and other resources of interest to the student, the scholar, and the casual browser.
Prisoners This list will be of especial interest to scholars and genealogists seeking information on who was imprisoned on Alcatraz. Many entries are annotated and there is a list of famous prisoners for those wishing to find out about Al Capone, Alvin Karpis, and others. A simple search engine can help you locate other prisoners.
Counts Official statistics from the Bureau of Prisons about the Rock's inmate population. Includes charts illustrating the composition of the prison's population, noting changes during the Warden Johnston years, and a description of how men were counted.
MAPS Maps and floorplans of the Rock, showing the location of key buildings, notable escape attempts, and other relevant information.
The BOP Reports excerpted from the Bureau of Prisons' annual Federal Offenders, including Warden's reports from the Rock and articles about the BOP's answer to crime.
Research A broad guide to researching the Rock, including a list of archives, an annotated bibliography (with particular reference on primary source materials), a list of other prison web sites (including sites about Alcatraz, criminology, prison history, prison reform, true crime, and other such topics), answers to some frequently asked questions, and some tips for students writing term papers about Alcatraz -- or just about anything else.
Galleries Collections of photos by Joel GAzis-SAx, prisoner art, historic photos, and other interesting visual items.
Scrawls A message board for those who want to ask a question, share a finding, announce a conference, etc. on the subject of prison history.
Postoffice Send a friend a free postcard of Alcatraz and register to get a free email account at
Visiting Information about visiting Alcatraz, including advice on what to wear, where to eat, and what to do there
Chat! Emperor Norton's Parlor is reserved for fellowship among lovers of history and the arts. If the Emperor is there, you can ask him a question.
Free! A Windows95 screen saver featuring scenes of the Rock. Free.
Games! Those who do their Alcatraz homework are rewarded: they can play some of the games hidden behind this link!
Design A few words from the author explaining his approach to the site and his sources of information. Background information for journalists.
Home site for the Prison History page. Background materials on prisons and crime in America.

Welcome to my site. I hope you will learn much about Alcatraz and I hope that the documents, chronologies, and articles will give you much to think about.

I wrote these pages for students, scholars, law enforcers, inmates, and any one else interested in the problems of penology and crime prevention.

Please tell your friends about it.

Joel GAzis-SAx
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