The Galleries

James A. Johnston, Warden

A photo album of James A. Johnston
Warden of Alcatraz 1934 to 1948

"Wish You Were Here"

Postcards of Alcatraz
From the Personal Collection of Joel GAzis-SAx
Aerial Photos
Photos by the U.S. Coast Guard, dated 1971
From General Services Administration Files
National Archives, San Bruno
Alcatraz Custodial Staff
Warden Johnston and his Staff
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Evidence Against the Rock
Photos from the Henry Young Trial
National Archives, San Bruno
Gallery 238-AZ
A series of images comprising a
180 degree panoramic view from Alcatraz
by John Paul Chase
One-time partner of "Baby Face Nelson"
Alcatraz Island
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Paths of Light - Alcatraz Gallery
A collection of images by Joel GAzis-SAx
Unseen Alcatraz
Photos by Park Technician John Martini
National Park Service 1974
Collection of Golden Gate National Recreation Area
Photos of the industrial areas
from the collection of Alcatraz Island,
Golden Gate National Recreation Area