Alcatraz Prisoners
Numbers 151 to 200

# Inmate Name Race Offense Other
201 Fallon, Daniel W Postal Laws: Robbery & Conspiracy
202 Moore, Ross W Counterfeiting
203 Norton, James W P.O. Robbery
204 Telfian, Charles W P.O. Robbery
205 Collins, Floyd W Postal Laws: Assault & Forgery
206 Minnema, Howard W Counterfeiting Escape Risk
207 Macklin, Elmer W Counterfeiting
208 Audett, Theodore W Dyer Act & Escape Escape Risk
Conditional Release 1940
209 Carroll, John W Forgery, Conspiracy & Escape Escape Risk
210 Bowers, Joe W Postal Laws: Robbery (3)
211 Allen, Jack W Counterfeiting (4)
212 Kilpatrick, Stewart W Counterfeiting
213 Urbaytis, Joseph W Robbery of Mails & Conspiracy Escape Risk
214 Mahoney, Frank W Murder (5)
215 Baker, Jack W P.O. Robbery & Escape Escape Risk
Discharged 1940
216 O'Brien, Michael W P.O. Robbery & Escape Escape Risk
Conditional Release 1948
217 Armes, Monroe W Resisting US Officers Dead
218 Raymond, Robert W Postal Laws & NMVTA Dead
219 Conroy, Earl W P.O. B&E & Theft
220 Hardin, Jack W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Dyer Act (6)
221 Spain, Loren W Postal Laws Violation
Snow, Cecil W P.O. B&E & Dyer Act (7)
Conditional Release 1948
Kyne, Harry W P.O. B&E & Theft (8)
224 Lucas, James W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Dyer Act Escape Risk
225 Skoog, Al W P.O. B&E
226 Doll, Edward W Dyer Act Escape Risk
227 Kulick, John W Murder Navy/USMC Prisoner
Escape Risk
228 Hall, Harlan W Aiding & Abetting Escape Escape Risk
229 Watkins, Jesse W Murder (S.F. Presidio) Army prisoner
230 Whitaker, Norman W NMVTA Discharged 1936
231 Cochran, Cecil W Assaulting Government Officer
232 Dunn, John W Robbery (District of Columbia) Transferred to Washington DC Jail 1936
233 Berlin, Samuel W Robbery (District of Columbia)
234 Carroll, John W Robbery (District of Columbia)
235 Vessila, James W Robbery (District of Columbia) Conditional Release 1937
236 Terry, Milton B Murder (District of Columbia) Dead
237 Davis, George B Housebreaking & Larceny (District of Columbia) Dead
238 Chase, John Paul W Killing Federal Officer Direct Commitment to AZ
239 Barlett, William W Counterfeiting & Possession See also 582-AZ
240 Deshelley, Luis W Counterfeiting & Possession Escape Risk
241 Delmar, Frank W Natl' Bank Robbery & Kidnapping Escape Risk
242 Clark, James W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Kidnaping Escape Risk
243 Smiddy, Ennis W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Kidnapping Escape Risk
244 Young, Henri W Nat'l Bank Robbery (14)
245 Wiley, E. W Forgery & Counterfeiting
246 Kalinoski, Joseph W P.O. Robbery with Violence
247 Berman, Jacob W Using Mails to Defraud & Conspiracy Transferred to SF County Jail 1936.
248 Waley, Harmon W Kidnapping & Interstate Commerce Act
249 Thompson, George W Drug Act & Conditional Release Violater (15)
250 Giles, John W Postal Laws: Assault on Mail Custodian, Attempted Escape Escape Risk
Attempted escape 7-31-45


(1)AZ-3 times: on 3 convictions (also 551-AZ and 1217-AZ). [Return]
(2)Died at Alcatraz 4-6-36. No cause given. [Return]
(3)Shot & killed in escape attempt 4-27-36. (Possible suicide or guard error) [Return]
(4)Died at Alcatraz from pneumonia after gastric ulcer surgery. [Return]
(5)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1934. Transferred to Atlanta 1938. Returned to AZ 1943. [Return]
(6)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1935. Transferred to Leavenworth 1945. Returned to AZ 1950. Was an army prisoner at Pacific Branch USDB Alcatraz 1921-22 (Desertion). [Return]
(7)Murdered (stabbed) 491-AZ Maurice Herring 7-15-42, acquitted by jury. [Return]
(8)Discharged 1943, Calif authorities took custody. [Return]
(9)Attempted escape 5-23-38 (Most sources give date as 4-23-38, however, Warden's Notebook pages clearly states 5-23-39) Convicted of murdering Officer Royal Cline. Received life sentence. [Return]
(10)Discharged 1937, Calif authorities took custody. [Return]
(11)Discharged 1939, to Immigration for deportation. [Return]
(12)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1935. Transferred to Leavenworth 1948. Returned to AZ 1958. [Return]
(13)Died at Alcatraz 10-21-41. No cause given. [Return]
(14)Attempted escape 1-13-39. Killed (stabbed) 267-AZ Rufus McCain, convicted of involuntary manslaughter. [Return]
AZ-2 times. Originally received 1935. Conditional release 1938 to SF. Violated released, returned to AZ 1946. Discharged 1948 to SF. [Return]

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