Alcatraz Prisoners
Numbers 301 to 350

# Inmate Name Race Offense Other
301 Gilmore, Dewey W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Murder Escape Risk
302 Brown, Floyd W Nat'l Bank Robbery Armed Escape Risk
303 Gulick, Virgil W Kidnapping & Dyer Act
304 Cooper, Russell W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Murder Escape Risk
305 Porter, Frank W Postal Laws Violations Escape Risk
Conditional release 1937 to SF
306 Lambert, Robert W Counterfeiting, Escape & Assault with Intent to Murder Escape Risk
307 Bentz, Edward W Nat'l Bank Robbery (1)
308 Williams, Frank W Counterfeiting Discharged 1937
309 Epplesheimer, Frank W Assault & Robbery of Mail Custodian
310 Nichols, Robert W Dyer Act Sentence Expired, Discharged 1936
311 Davis, A.W. W Drug Act & Conspiracy Conditional Release 1937
312 Pierce, Amin W Int. Rev., Trans. & Poss Discharged 1937
313 Cossack, Loeb W Nat'l Bank Robbery
314 Garrett, Donnie W White Slavery Escape Risk
315 Fitzgerald, Charles W Conspiracy to Transport Kidnapped Person (2)
316 Nelson, Neils W Kidnapping Escape Risk
317 Yanowsky, Charles W Theft, Interstate, Conspiracy & Parole Violation (3)
318 Medley, Phillip B Murder Dead
319 Stein, Joe W I.R. Conspiracy Member of Purple Gang
320 Fleisher, Harry W I.R. Conspiracy Member of Purple Gang
321 Reese, Fred W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Conspiracy
322 Campbell, Harry W Conspiracy to Transport Kidnapped Person Escape Risk
323 McKinney, Marshall W Rape Military Prisoner
324 Dimenza, Phillip W Nat'l Bank Robbery (5)
325 Karpavicz (Karpis, Alvin W Conspiracy to Kidnap & Transport (6)
326 Selbin, Jack W I.R. Conspiracy Member of Purple Gang
327 Fleisher, Sam W I.R. Conspiracy Member of Purple Gang
328 Sparger, Clarence W Nat'l Bank Robbery
329 Walker, Jack W Nat'l Bank Robbery Escape Risk
330 Mulloy, Frank W Conspiracy (8)
331 Galatas, Richard W Conspiracy (8)
332 Farmer, Herbert W Conspiracy (8)
333 Hawk, Henry W Dyer Act (9)
334 Parker, Homer W Kidnapping
335 Franklin, Rufus W NMVTA, Assault, Bank Robbery (10)
336 Bequette, Charles W Robbery Conditional release 1940.
337 Von Glahn, George W Counterfeiting Sentence expired
Released 1939 to SF
338 Murrietta, Lorenzo W Assault & Taking US Property
339 McDonald, John W Assault on the High Seas
340 Anderson, Allie W White Slavery
341 Wylie, Arlin W Kidnapping, Bank Robbery & VMAct (NMVTA?) Escape Risk
342 Roubideaux, Jefferson I Murder (11)
343 Hesly, Daniel W Robbing Mails with Firearm
344 Ripley, James W Nat'l Bank Robbery Escape Risk
345 Murphy, P.E. W Impersonating Government Officer
346 Koonen, Ernest W Conspiracy, P.O. Robbery & NPA Discharged 1941
347 Deane, Claude W Impersonating Govt. Officer (12)
348 Snyder, Lee W Conspiracy, Extortion, & Mailing Non-Mailable Matter Escape Risk
349 Edwards, Edison W Extortion using the Mails Dead
350 Backner, Joseph W Kidnapping Wanted by Immigration for deportation


(1)Conditional release 1948, US Marshall took custody for Boston authorities. Associate of George "Machine Gun" Kelly. Thought to have been involved with Urshel kidnapping. [Return]
(2)Associate of Alvin Karpis and Arthur "Doc" Barker. [Return]
(3)Shot resisting arrest for parole violation, arrived at AZ on a stretcher. Released 1938, New York authorities took custody. [Return]
(4)Original life sentence changed to 35 years by War Department. Sentence expired, released 1943. [Return]
(5)Conditional release by court order 1942. [Return]
(6)Wanted by Immigration for deportation to Canada. AZ-2 times. Originally received 1936. Transferred to Leavenworth 2-24-58. Returned to AZ 9-21-58. Transferred to McNeil Island 4-7-62. Served longest amount of time on AZ (25 years, 1 month). [Return]
(7)Transferred to New Mexico State Prison, Santa Fe. [Return]
(8)Member of group that attempted to free Frank Nash (Kansas City Union Station Massacre). [Return]
(9)Conditional release 1937. Nebraska authorities took custody. [Return]
(10)Attempted escape 5-23-38. Received life sentence for murder of Officer Cline. [Return]
(11)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1936. Transferred to Leavenworth 1938. Returned to AZ 1944. [Return]
(12)Conditional Release 1939. California authorities took custody. [Return]

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