Alcatraz Prisoners
Numbers 601 to 650

# Inmate Name Race Offense Other
601 Dunbar, Floyd W Conspiracy & Theft Interstate Dead
602 McDonald, Walter I Nat'l Bank Robbery - Armed
603 Young, Ike W Murder Escape Risk
604 Morneau, Walter W Entering Bank to Commit Larceny
605 Rutkowski, Frank W P.O. Robbery (1)
606 Gould, John WW Nat'l Bank Robbery, Counterfeiting & Escape
607 Mrozik, Edward W Entering Bank to Commit Larceny
608 Crapo, Alton W Poss., Failure to Register Sawed Off Shot Gun & Probation Violation (2)
609 Murphy, Edward W Narcotics Law & Murder Dead
610 Carrollo, Charles W Perjury, Attempt to Evade and Defeat Income Tax & Depositing Letter P.O. concerning Gift Enterprise/similar to Lottery Conditional Release 1946
611 Declous, Lawrence W NMVTA, Escape, Theft of Govt. Property & Conspiracy Escape Risk
612 McCready, Loyal W Nat'l Bank Robbery Dead
613 Hoskins, Edward W Bank Robbery, Assault & Escape Escape Risk
614 Vasilick, William W Armed Bank Robbery & Conspiracy
615 Scott, James W P.O. Robbery & Escape Escape Risk
Conditional Release 1958
616 Lovett, Charles W Murder (FBI Agent), Assault, Robbery of Govt. Property & Transp. Firearms Interstate Was in Army, but civil offenses
Escape Risk
617 Richards, Larry W Dyer Act
618 Beland, Charlie W Narcotics: Sale & Conspiracy Dead
619 Heck, George W Kidnapping, NMVTA & Attempted Escape Escape Risk
620 Waldon, John W P.O. Assault: Armed Robbery & Destruction of Mail Escape Risk
621 Coulter, Willis W Bank Robbery
622 Rausch, Gerald W Assault, Auto Theft & Escape (Presidio) Escape Risk
Army prisoner
Sentence Commuted, Discharged 1946
623 Buckles, Luther W Manslaughter (District of Columbia) Escape Risk
Conditional Release 1948
624 Branch, Claude B Murder (District of Columbia) (6)
625 Owens, Clifford I Dyer Act, P.O. Theft & Destruction of Mail Pouches Conditional Release 1948
626 Cunningham, Ross W Narcotics: Conspiracy, Purchase & Sale of Opium Conditional Release 1949
627 Erskine, Harry W Dyer Act Conditional Release 1946
628 Reyes, Edward W Desertion, Escape, Theft by Force and Violence, Conspiracy to Commit Mutiny and Riot and Escape Army prisoner
Escape Risk
629 Brown, Russell W Dyer Act & Conspiracy to Commit Mutiny and Riot Escape Risk
Conditional Release 1947
630 Cory, William W P.O. B&E, Theft & Attempted Escape from USP Leavenworth Escape Risk
631 Johnson, John W Armed Bank Robbery, Assault & Attempted Escape Escape Risk
Conditional Release 1953
632 Kammer, Warren W Interstate Transport Stolen Goods, Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution and Dyer Act, & Assault Officers and Attempted Escape Escape Risk
633 Atkeson, Marvin W Nat'l Bank Robbery
634 Lampaces, George W Robbery Army prisoner
635 Acton, Frank W Manslaughter (District of Columbia)
636 Trammell, Berlis W Nat'l Bank Robbery - Armed Escape Risk
637 Hilliard, Hughes W Transp. Girls Interstate for Immoral Purposes
638 Kimbrough, Vernon W NMVTA, Attempted Escape & Conspiracy AZ-2 times (also 1273-AZ)
639 Spear, Ben B Rape on Military Reservation Army prisoner
640 Greene, Ralph B Robbery & Assault (11)
641 Orick, Guy W Kidnapping, Escape from Federal Custody, NMVTA & Assaulting Federal Officer
642 Mugavero, John W Interstate Theft & Conspiracy
643 Burton, George W Murder, Attempted Escape & Transp. Stolen Checks Interstate (District of Columbia) Escape Risk
644 Aldrich, Wayne W NMVTA, Transp. Firearms Interstate & Assault with Intent to Commit Murder (assault on inmate at USP Atlanta)
645 Hubbard, Marvin W Transp. Kidnapped Person Interstate, Stolen Auto & Firearms Interstate Escape Risk
646 Kern, Edward W Armed Bank Robbery & Conspiracy Escape Risk
647 Haskins, Frank W Conspiracy, Bank Robbery with Force Conditional Release 1948
648 Nimerick, Clyde W Conspiracy, Bank Robbery with Force Escape Risk
649 Zidack, Joseph W Poss., Passing Counterfeit Federal Reserve Notes Escape Risk
650 Robbins, William W Bank Robbery Escape Risk


(1)Discharged 1945, SFPD took Custody for Michigan. [Return]
(2)Conditional Release 1946. U.S. Marshal Service took Custody to transport to Missouri to face Federal charges. Killed in gun fight with police in Nebraska 1949. [Return]
(3)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1944, transferred to Leavenworth 1947, return to AZ 1948. [Return]
(4)AZ-2 times. Originally Received 1944, transferred to Leavenworth 1950, returned to AZ 1953 (After escape from Leavenworth Honor Farm). [Return]
(5)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1944, transferred to Atlanta 1946, Returned 1946 (one month later) [Return]
(6)Killed (beaten/died from head injuries) by 640-AZ Ralph Greene 11-16-45. [Return]
(7)Conditional Release, California Authorities took Custody. [Return]
(8)Killed in Shoot-Out with FBI in Baltimore, MD in 1953. [Return]
(9)Conditional Release 1951, SFPD took Custody. [Return]
(10)Sentence Commuted (War Department remitted remainder of sentence), Discharged 1946. [Return]
(11)Murdered 624-AZ Claude Branch, acquited of murder at trial. [Return]
(12)Shot/Killed during escape attempt May 2-4, 1946. [Return]

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