Famous Inmates

Name # Claim to Fame
Allie Anderson 340 Former Miami police officer turned white slaver who beat up Alvin Karpis.
Theodore Audett 208
Jailhouse author noted for his fantastic claims about other prisoners and his own life. Claimed to be Barker Gang member, but this is disputed by the facts.
Known at Alcatraz as a snitch and a hypochondriac.
Defense witness in 1946 Blast-Out Trial
Also known as "Blackie".
Harvey Bailey 139 Partner of Machine Gun Kelly
Believed to be involved in Kansas City Union Station Massacre
Basil Banghart 595 Burglar who became famous for helping Frank Touhy escape from the Illinois State Penitentiary at Joliet (1942).
Also known as "Owl".
Lloyd Barkdoll 423 Bank robber.
Attempted escape in 1941.
Arthur Barker 268 Member of Barker/Karpis Gang
Shot and killed during 1939 escape attempt.
Also known as "Doc"
Albert Bates 137 Partner of Machine Gun Kelly (117-AZ)
John Bayless 466 Determined escape artist. Tried off the Rock 9-15-41. Injured spine in attempt. Tried when put on trial for escape in San Francisco 12-21-42. Both attempts failed.
Edward Bentz 307 Associated with Machine Gun Kelly (117-AZ).
James Boarman 571 Accomplice in Floyd Hamilton and Fred Hunter's 1943 escape attempt.
Shot and drowned.
Joe Bowers 210 Alledged to be first escape attempt
Harold Brest 380 Participant in Floyd Hamilton's 1943 escape attempt.
Al Capone 85 Chicago Gang-Lord.
Also known as "Scarface"
Theodore Cole 258 Involved in first certain escape attempt (1937). Presumed drowned.
Bernard Coy 415 Planned and led the 1946 Blast-Out.
Joseph Cretzer 548 Leader of 1941 escape attempt from the mat shop
Leader of 1946 Alcatraz Blast-Out. Cretzer is the one who shot the guard hostages during this three day long battle. Killed or committed suicide on 4 May 1946.
A.W. Davis 311 Wrote series on Alcatraz from the Inside for the San Francisco News
Volney Davis 271 Member of Barker/Karpis Gang
Believed to have sold other gang members out.
Beat up Alvin Karpis, 1936.
Elmer Farmer 299 Barker/Karpis Gang member.
Herbert Farmer 332 Part of the Kansas City Massacre Conspiracy.
Charles Fitzgerald 315 Oldest member of Barker-Karpis gang. (Born 1877)
Harry Fleisher 320 Member of Purple Gang.
Sam Fleisher 327 Member of Purple Gang.
Rufus Franklin 335 Participant in 1938 escape attempt.
Wounded by Officer Stites.
Received life sentence with James Lucas for murder of Officer Royal Cline.
Richard Galatas 331 Part of the Kansas City Massacre Conspiracy.
John Giles 250 Attempted escape by posing as a technical sergeant using uniform components stolen from laundry. Giles, a loner, came closer than any other man to escaping from Alcatraz.
Floyd Hamilton 523 Driver for Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrows
During his 1943 escape attempt, Hamilton was believed to have drowned. He hid out in a sea cave for two days before turning himself in.
Maurice Herring 491 Victim of Cecil Snow (222-AZ).
Fred Hunter 402 Partner of Alvin Karpis after fall of Barker Gang
Attempted escape with Floyd Hamilton (1943)
Carl Janaway 393 Hospital "cellmate" of Al Capone.
Alvin Karpis (Karpavicz) 325 Public Enemy Number One.
Associate of Arthur "Doc" Barker.
Served longest amount of time on Alcatraz (25 years, 1 month)
George Kelly 117 Infamous Mid-Western Bank Robber & Kidnapper
Also known as "Machine Gun Kelly"
Arnold Kyle 547 Accomplice in the attempted break-out from the mat shop, 5-21-41.
Brother-in-law of Joseph Cretzer.
Henry Larry 95 Author of Examiner Series about Alcatraz (1936)
Thomas Limmerick 263 Killed during 1938 escape attempt
James Lucas 224 Stabbed Al Capone with a pair of shears
Involved in 1938 escape attempt from the mat shop with Limmerick and Franklin. Only uninjured attempter. Given life for murder of guard Royal Cline.
William Martin 370 African-American bank robber.
Accomplice in Doc Barker's 1939 escape attempt.
Also known as "Ty".
Rufus McCain 267 Accomplice in Doc Barker's 1939 escape attempt.
Killed by Henri Young.
Frank Mulloy 330 Part of the Kansas City Massacre Conspiracy.
Rufe Persful 284 Former trusty at Tucker State Prison Farm, Arkansas
Chopped off two fingers of his hand to gain transfer to Springfield
Donald Phoenix 295 Barker/Karpis Gang member.
Burton Phillips 259 Attacked Warden Johnston during 1937 strike.
Pet Reed 181 Author of "Alcatraz is Hell" series in Examiner (1938)
Thomas Robinson 379
Kidnapper who may have been framed by his victim, the wife of a friend of President Franklin Roosevelt.
Sentenced to death in second trial.
President Truman commuted his sentence to life.
Ralph Roe 260 Involved in first certain escape attempt (1937). Presumed drowned.
Harry Sawyer 297 Barker/Karpis Gang member.
Jack Selbin 326 Member of Purple Gang.
Sam Shockley 462 Twice accused of attempting to escape. First attempt 5-21-41. Second May 2-4 1946 (the Blast-Out). Executed for murder of Officer Miller on 12-3-48. Many prisoners thought that Sam was not involved directly in either incident and was insane.
Cecil Snow 222 Stabbed and killed Maurice Herring (491-AZ). Acquitted by jury.
Walton Spark 200 Accomplice in John Dillinger's Indiana jail breakout
Dale Stamphill 435 Accomplice in Doc Barker's 1939 prison break.
Joe Stein 319 Member of Purple Gang.
Robert Stroud 594 So-called "Birdman of Alcatraz" (well, really Leavenworth.)
Negotiated with assaulting guards and marines on behalf of D-Block prisoners under bombardment.
Harmon Waley 248 Kidnapper of his employer, George Weyerhauser.
Upon release returned to work for the Weyerhauser Co. in Seattle.
Huron Walters 536 Attempted escape on 8-7-43.
Thomas Wareagle 79 Native-American Kidnapper
Henri Young 244 Accomplice in 1939 Barker Escape Attempt.
Stabbed and killed Rufus McCain (267). Jury reduced charge to manslaughter.
Subject of heavilly fictionalized film Murder in the First starring Kevin Bacon and Christian Slater.

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