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The FBI warns Sanford Bates of some breakout attempts by underworld "big-shots". Johnston investigates and finds no cause for extraordinary measures.
Joe Bowers* attempts to kill himself by slitting his throat. Chief Medical Officer Dr. George Hess and psychiatrist Dr. Edward Twitchell do not recommend his transfer because they believe he may be faking it. Bower's Documents
Virgil Rapp tells Washington state press that Alcatraz is driving some men insane. Sanford Bates denies Rapp's charges.
Henri Young* arrives at Alcatraz and begins amassing a huge misconduct record.Henri Young's
Conduct Record
Weyerhauser kidnapper Harmon Waley arrives from McNeil Island.
Arthur "Doc" Barker* and Rufus McCain arrive at Alcatraz from Leavenworth.Rufus McCain's
Conduct Record
San Francisco Police Chief William Quinn orders extra security at the Yacht Harbor when he gets wind of a plot to seize the city's police boat to aid in a mass escape attempt from Alcatraz.
A smuggled letter to San Francisco newspapers purports to name prisoners driven to insanity by Alcatraz authorities. Edward Lewis, James Grove, John Stadig, and Joe Bowers are all mentioned.Allegations of Abuse
Correspondence courses through the University of California Extension begin. 81 prisoners enroll.
Installation of the Clothing Factory begins.
* designates extensive inmate biographies
additional bios in preparation