Alcatraz Prisoners
Numbers 1 to 50

# Inmate Name Race Offense Other
1 Bolt, Frank W Sodomy Army Prisoner
2 Copp, Charles W Robbery & Attempted Assault Army Prisoner
3 Gregory, Leon W Robbery, Assault & AWOL Army Prisoner
4 Harrison, Joseph W Sodomy Army Prisoner
discharged 1935
5 Henry, Forrest W Robbery & Assault Army Prisoner
6 Hicks, Clyde W Sodomy Army Prisoner
discharged 1935
7 Hills, Ralph W Robbery & Assault Army Prisoner
8 Hoke, Albert W Robbery Army Prisoner
9 Hood, Alan W Sodomy Army Prisoner
10 Holme, Frederick W Sodomy & False Enlistment Army Prisoner
11 Janda, Edward W Robbery Army Prisoner
12 Johnson, Charles W Sodomy Army Prisoner
13 Johnson, Luby W Robbery & Assault Army Prisoner
14 Landers, William W Robbery Army Prisoner
15 Limas, Manuel W Forgery Army Prisoner
16 Marud, John W Robbery & Escape Army Prisoner
17 Miller, John W Robbery & Assault Army Prisoner
18 Mumma, William W Manslaughter Army Prisoner
19 Nelson, Jack W Disposing of Military Property Army Prisoner
20 Paris, Angelo W Sodomy Army Prisoner
21 Payne, William W Sodomy Army Prisoner - discharged 1935
22 Petarson, John W Felonious Assault Army Prisoner
Conditional release 1936 to SF
23 Prokopf, Leo W Sodomy & Escape Army Prisoner
24 Riley, Joseph W Robbery & Disobedience Army Prisoner
25 Sodoma, Frank W Robbery Army Prisoner
26 Soliwode, Joseph W Rape Army Prisoner
Assumed Dead
27 Vinson, Harold W Robbery Army Prisoner
28 Walters, Ervie W Sodomy Army Prisoner
29 Weber, George W Attempted Rape & Assault Army Prisoner
30 Wilde, George W Robbery Army Prisoner
31 Wolfe, Gilbert W Robbery & Assault Army Prisoner
32 Woody, Harold W Robbery & Assault Army Prisoner
33 White, Frederick W Drug Act First Civilian Inmate
Assumed Dead
34 Moxom, Robert W Postal Laws & Parole Violator (3)
35 Cole, Elmer W Counterfeiting & Escape Escape Risk
Discharged 1938
36 Raap, Verrill W P.O. Robbery Escape Risk
Discharged 1935
37 Souza, Frank W Counterfeiting Discharged March 1940
See also 565-AZ
38 Reynolds, Perry W Larceny on Govt Property Assumed Dead
39 Fernandez, Hal W Larceny (Alaska) Escape Risk
Discharged 1936
40 Burke, Joseph W Viol. Postal Laws Escape Risk
41 Dean, Harry W Assault on Mail Clerk Assumed Dead
42 Boyd, William W Impersonating Federal Officer Escape Risk
Conditional release 1937
43 Walsh, James W Murder Escape Risk
44 Smith, Mack W P.O. Robbery & Larceny Escape Risk
45 Kerr, George W Viol. Postal Laws Escape Risk
46 Standig, John W Counterfeiting & Escape Escape Risk
47 Wutke, Edward W Murder (5)
48 Lewis, Edgar W P.O. Robbery & Counterfeiting Escape Risk
49 Kelly, Walter B P.O. Robbery Dead
50 Kennedy, Willie B Burglary, Larceny, & Attempted Rape Army Prisoner


(1)Original life sentence changed to 25 years by presidential order remitting all military sentences in excess of 25 years. [Return]
(2)Received July 6, 1934, Discharged July 16, 1934, Los Angeles Sheriff took custody. First prisoner release from AZ [Return]
(3)Extradited from Canada as parole violator, committeed directly to AZ by order of the BOP director. Discharged 1937 and deported to Canada. [Return]
(4)WA authorities took custody. [Return]
(5)Wanted by Immigration. Committed Suicide on AZ 11-13-37. [Return]

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