Alcatraz Prisoners
Numbers 51 to 100

# Inmate Name Race Offense Other
51 Brown, Thurman B Robbery, Housebreaking & Assault Escape Risk
Assumed Dead
52 Weston, Herbert B Murder (District of Columbia) Dead
53 Fontaine, Harold W Assault with Intent to Kill (1)
54 Golebrowski, John W Sodomy (2)
55 Moten, Frank B Robbery (District of Columbia) Discharged 1942
56 Brown, Benjamin B Murder (District of Columbia)
57 Simmons, William W P.O. Robbery & Assault
58 Kronz, George W Postal Laws: Robbery & Assault
59 Fondren, Pearl W P.O. Robbery, Assault & Conspiracy
60 Colson, James W Assault & Robbing US Mails
61 Eaton, Ruey W Conspiracy, NMVTA, Stealing Govt Property
62 Beardon, Walter W NMVTA Dead
63 Coleman, Robert B Mail Robbery
64 Waters, Francis B Robbery (District of Columbia) Discharged 1944
65 Marsh, James W Robbery of Mail
66 Messamore, John W Assault to Rape & Escape Army Prisoner
Escape Risk
67 Montgomery, Harold W Assault on Mail Carrier & Robbery
68 Watts, J. W Assault on Mail Custodian & Robbery
69 Marques, Armand W Arson Wanted for deportation
70 Fulbright, Floyd W NMVTA Assumed dead
71 Schmidt, Ludwig W Robbing US Mail & Assault Escape Risk
Wanted by Immigration for deportation
72 Krug, Charles W Sodomy (4)
Released 1936
73 Gogich, Lazar W Conspiracy & Counterfeiting Assumed dead
74 McIntosh, Leo W NMVTA Escape Risk
75 McNeely/McNealy, James W P.O. Robbery & Conspiracy See also 761-AZ
Released by Court Order 1940
76 Zuckerman, Louis W Sodomy & Assault Army Prisoner
Escape Risk
77 Morland, Thomas W Murder (Prisoner at Leavenworth)
78 Cleaver, Charles W Conspiracy & Robbing US Mails Escape Risk
Connections to Chicago Underworld
Assumed dead
79 Wareagle, Thomas I Kidnapping & NMVTA (6)
Assumed dead
80 Bender, John I Stealing Govt Property & Burglary Army Prisoner
81 Denny, Theodore I Assault on Postmaster
82 Hooker, Stanley W NMVTA & Murder (Prisoner at Chillicothe)
83 Walton, James W Robbery & Grand Larceny (District of Columbia) Escape Risk
84 Thomas, John W NMVTA Dead
85 Capone, Alphonse W Income Tax Laws (8)
86 Carter, William W Robbery & Grand Larceny (District of Columbia)
87 Van Gorder, Hayes W Forgery & Using Mails to Defraud Escape Risk
88 Matchok, Joseph W Counterfeiting (Passing) Escape Risk
Discharged 1941
Assumed Dead
89 Buckner, Walter W Forging US Obligations Escape Risk
90 O'Brien, Edward W Robbery of Mails & Assault Discharged 1940
91 Patterson, Lester W Robbery of Mails
92 Bicks, Frank W Murder (10)
93 Costner, Isaac W Robbery of Mails & Assault Member of Touhey Gang
94 Gempp, William W NMVTA & Escape Escape Risk
95 Larry, Henry W Postal Laws: Stealing Mail Escape Risk
Discharged 1936 to SF
96 Lepinski, Frank W P.O. Robbery
97 Mangiere, Charles W NMVTA (11)
Discharged 1936
98 Reiss, Charles W Counterfeiting (11)
99 Ritchey, William W Larceny, Interstate (13)
100 Wilmoth, Virgil W Counterfeiting (14)


(1)Released in 1945 to Immigration and deported to Canada. [Return]
(2)Military prisoner (Corozal Canal Zone). Sentence Commuted, Discharged 1935. [Return]
(3)Life sentence reduced to 27 years by War Department. Was an Army prisoner at Pacific Branch USDB Alcatraz (1923). Escaped while on work detail at Fort McDowell, later recaptured. [Return]
(4) Military prisoner (Corozal Canal Zone) [Return]
(5) AZ-2 times, originally received 1934, transferred to Leavenworth 1940, returned to AZ 1941. [Return]
(6) AZ-2 times, originally received 1934, transferred to Leavenworth 1942, returned to AZ 1945. [Return]
(7) Sentence commuted by War Department, Discharged 1937. [Return]
(8) Transferred from USP Atlanta (suspected of clandestine correspondence and clandestine transfer of money into institution) 8-24-34. Transferred to FCI Terminal Island 1-6-39, then to USP Lewisburg 11-6-39. Released from USP Lewisburg 11-16-39. Died 1-25-47 at home on Palm Island, Florida. [Return]
(9) Escaped from Leavenworth by forging court order. [Return]
(10) Was in army, but civil conviction. [Return]
(11)Requested transfer to AZ from USP Lewisburg. [Return]
(12)Discharged 1938, New York authorities took custody. [Return]
(13)Requested transfer to AZ from USP Atlanta. Discharged 1938, Returned to AZ 1940. [Return]
(14)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1934, transferred to Leavenworth 1938, Returned to AZ 1940. [Return]

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