Alcatraz Prisoners
Numbers 101 to 150

# Inmate Name Race Offense Other
101 Murdock, Theodore W Counterfeiting
102 Walden, Spencer W Robbery, Transport of Stolen Auto & Transp. of Female (Mann Act) Escape Risk
103 Dickerson, Howard W Murder (District of Columbia)
104 Donohue, John W Robbery & Abduction (District of Columbia)
105 Kendrick, John W Assault with Intent to Kill (District of Columbia) Escape Risk
See also 1246-AZ
106 Sweeney, Elmer W Robbery and Assault with Dangerous Weapon (District of Columbia)
107 Best (Besmanoff), Albert W False Pretenses (District of Columbia) (1)
108 Retsner, John W Robbery (District of Columbia)
109 McDonald, Arthur W Robbery (District of Columbia)
110 Gardner, Roy W Robbery of Mails Requested transfer to AZ
111 Grindle, Hubert W Sodomy & Manslaughter Army Prisoner
112 Brownie, Frank W Drug Act Viol. Escape Risk
113 Morris, Daniel W Mail Robbery
114 Alcorn, Gordon W Conspiracy to Kidnap
115 McDonald, Bert W Murder (4)
116 Dixon, Riley W Assault of Mail Custodian Discharged 1940
117 Kelly, George W Kidnapping (Urshel) (5)
118 Varsalona, Joe W Postal Laws: Extortion
119 Westbrook, Charles W Robbery of Mails
120 Alexander, Joseph W Assault & Robbery, Armed (6)
121 Talarico, Mike W Postal Laws: Mailing Extortion Letter Dead
122 Badgett, Lewis W P.O. Robbery & Assault
123 Lagomarsino, Ray W Mail Theft Escape Risk
124 Perry, James W Robbery of Mails Escape Risk
125 Chapman, Frank W Drug Act Viol. Escape Risk
126 May, William W P.O. Robbery & Conspiracy (9)
127 Stevens, Olin W P.O. Robbery & Conspiracy, Drug Act
128 Pettijohn, Milton W Robbery of US Mails Dead
129 Sargeart, James W Robbery of US Mails & Assault Escape Risk
130 Keating, Francis W Robbery of Mails Escape Risk
131 Brown, Stanley W P.O. Robbery, Assault & Escape Escape Risk
Discharged 1941
132 Berta, Charles W Robbery of Mails, Assault with Intent to kill & Escape Escape Risk
Discharged 1949
133 Boyd, John W Robbery of Mails & Assault Escape Risk
134 Ryan, Phil W Robbery of Mails`
135 Sherwood, E. W Assault on Mail Carrier & Robbery Escape Risk
136 Barnett, Howard W Robbery of Mails & Conspiracy Requested transfer to AZ
137 Bates, Albert W Kidnap & Hold for Ransom (Urshel) Escape Risk
138 Holden, Thomas W Robbery of Mails with Firearm Escape Risk
139 Bailey, Harvey W Kidnap & Hold for Ransom Escape Risk
140 Underwood, Tom W Robbery of Mails with firearm & escape Escape Risk
141 Nolan, George W Murder Dead
142 Grauer, Harry W Murder (Military) Army Prisoner
143 Rogers, George W Murder Escape Risk
Discharged 1941
144 Miller, Edward W Murder Escape Risk
145 Warren, Byron W Murder
146 Sobalesky, John W Attempt to Commit Rape Military prisoner
Escape risk
147 Ballew, Andrew W Murder
148 Beane, Clement W Postal Laws: Robbery
149 Thomas, Lafayette W Sodomy & Manslaughter Escape Risk
150 Delbano, Frank W Postal Laws: Robbery


(1)Released 1937, SFPD took custody. [Return]
(2)Sentence expired with good time, Released 1944 [Return]
(3)Released 1936, Georgia authorities took custody [Return]
(4)AZ-2 times, Originally received 1934, transferred to McNeil 1944, Returned to AZ 1950. [Return]
(5)Died 7-15-54 of heart attack at USP Leavenworth. [Return]
(6)AZ-2 times, Originally received 1934, transferred to Leavenworth 1938, Returned to AZ 1941. [Return]
(7)Discharged by Court Order on Writ of Habeas Corpus 1936, later shot & killed in S.F. [Return]
(8)Released 1935 to Immigration for deportation. [Return]
(9)Transferred to Texas Prison System 1935. Executed 9-6-35 in Texas for murder [Return]
(10)Attempted escape from Leavenworth 3 times. [Return]
(11)Stanley Brown, Charles Berta, Tom Underwood, Harold Fontaine (53-AZ), and John Kulick (227-AZ) were all involved in the 12-11-31 escape attempt at USP Leavenworth during which Warden Thomas White and several officers were taken hostage. [Return]
(12)Died at Alcatraz of Heart Trouble 7-4-48. [Return]
(13)Thought to be involved in the 6-17-33 Kansas City Union Station Massacre (3 police, 1 FBI agent and prisoner Frank Nash were killed in an ambush attempt to free Nash.) [Return]
Life sentence changed to 27 yrs, Discharged 1941. AZ-3 times (2 convictions). Was an army prisoner at Pacific Branch USDB Alcatraz twice (1917-Selling US Clothing, and 1923-Murder: Military) returned to USP Alcatraz 1934 on 1923 Murder sentence. [Return]
(15)Was an army prisoner at Pacific Branch USDB Alcatraz 1926-27 (Sodomy). Escaped while on work detail at Fort Mason 7-1-27. [Return]

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