Alcatraz Prisoners
Numbers 151 to 200

# Inmate Name Race Offense Other
151 Belcastro, Rocco W Theft from Interstate Dead
152 Chiese, Frank W Postal Laws: Assault
153 Johnson, Harry W Murder (1)
154 Rowland, Edward W Desertion, Murder & Larceny Army Prisoner
155 Tesciona, Frank W P.O. Robbery with Firearm
156 Gouker, Frank W P.O. Robbery & Forgery Escape Risk
Discharged 1941
157 Gill, Willie B P.O. Robbery Escape Risk
158 Grove, James B Attempted Rape, Attempted Murder & Murder Army Prisoner
159 Dotson, Louis B Rape (On the High Seas)
160 Jones, Robert B Murder (District of Columbia)
161 Wallace, Abraham B Housebreaking & Larceny (District of Columbia) Dead
162 Taylor, Acie B Assault, Murder, B&E, Attempted Rape Military prisoner
Escape risk
163 Fitzmaurice, William W Counterfeiting & Escape Escape Risk
164 Martini, Louis W Counterfeiting
165 Stroud, Mack B Postal Laws: Robbery & Assault Dead
166 Harden, Alfred B Postal Laws: Extortion
167 Anderson, Frank W Narcotics (5)
168 Lawrence, Louis W Viol. Narcotics Laws (5)
169 Serfess, Walter W Viol. Narcotics Laws (5)
170 Sullivan, Daniel W Viol. Narcotics Laws (5)
171 Owen, William W Viol. Narcotics Laws (5)
172 Poulas, James W Viol. Narcotics Laws Escape Risk
173 Bowen, Hugh W Murder on Govt Reservation
174 Davis, Robert W Murder
175 Wolf, Ralph W Murder Escape Risk
176 Fisher, Gerald W Robbery, Assault with Intent to Kill Military prisoner
Discharged 1943
177 Sieman, Jack W Narcotics Trans., Poss., Sale (8)
178 Bouman, Jack W Robbery of Mails & Assault (5)
179 Ballin, George W Robbery, Embezzlement of US Property & Attempted Escape Escape Risk
AZ-2 times (also 1260-AZ)
180 Blackwood, Ira W Postal Laws: Robbery (9)
Discharged 1948
181 Reed, Pet W Counterfeiting & Escape Escape Risk
182-AZ Cal Young, Half Brother
Discharged 1938
182 Young, Cal W Counterfeiting & Escape Escape Risk
181-AZ Pet Reed, Half-Brother
183 Wiggins, Walker W Sodomy, Assault, Theft & Escape Army Prisoner
184 Hanna, William W Murder Was in army, convicted of civil offense
185 Colyer, William W Murder Army Prisoner
Escape Risk
186 Levin, William W Viol. Narcotic Laws Dead
187 Loomis, Alfred W Counterfeiting
188 McKee, Frank W P.O. Robbery & Theft Member of the Touhy Gang
Conditional Release 1945
189 Ryan, James W P.O. Robbery
190 Kelly, Harry W Postal Laws: Robbery
191 Tatum, Ralph W Postal Laws: Assault
192 Thompson, Orvil W Rape (on Indian Reservation)
193 Warden, Walter W Postal Laws: Robbery
194 Green, Charles W P.O. Robbery Armed
195 Youngberg, Arthur W Kidnapping & Conspiracy
196 Smith, Clint W Theft from Interstate Escape Risk
197 Satterfield, Joseph W Counterfeiting Escape Risk
198 Sullivan, Harry W Robbery of US Mails Escape Risk
199 Cherrington, Arthur W Postal Laws: Robbery & Conspiracy Escape Risk
200 Spark, Walton W Postal Laws: Robbery & Conspiracy (12)


(1)Discharged 1935 to Immigration for deportation [Return]
(2)Life sentence commuted by War Department, Released 1937. [Return]
(3)AZ-2 times, Originally received 1934, transferred to Leavenworth 1935, returned to AZ 1939. Murdered 652-AZ (Ben McMiller) 3-20-46. Committed suicide 8-11-61 at Leavenworth. [Return]
(4)Sentence commuted by War Department, Released 1939. [Return]
(5)Requested transfer to AZ from Leavenworth Annex [Return]
(6)Sentence expired, Discharged to SF 1938. [Return]
(7)Discharged 1936 to Immigration at Angel Island and deported. [Return]
(8)Discharged 1937 to Immigration and deported to Canada. [Return]
(9)AZ-2 times, Originally received 1934, Transferred to Leavenworth 1941, Returned to AZ 1947. [Return]
(10)Sentence expired, Discharged 1938, CA authorities took custody (San Quentin) [Return]
(11)Died at Alcatraz 1-7-42. No cause given. [Return]
(12)Wife posed as John Dillinger's wife in order to visit him in Indiana jail, Dillinger escaped 2 days later. [Return]

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