Alcatraz Prisoners
Numbers 301 to 350

# Inmate Name Race Offense Other
351 Seals, Taylor W Counterfeiting
352 Harvey, Leland W Bank Robbery & Flight to Avoid Prosecution Escape Risk
Discharged 1941
353 Phillips, Bob W NMVTA Escape Risk
354 Wells, Ernest W Conspiracy, Extortion with Mail & Mailing Non-mailable matter Escape Risk
355 Howder, Elzear W Robbery (District of Columbia)
356 Palmersino, Carmine W Conspiracy & Counterfeiting
357 Holmes, Kellory W Housebreaking & Larceny (District of Columbia) Escape Risk
358 Hewitt, George W Impersonating Govt. Officer, Kidnapping & Interstate Transport.
359 Harris, James B Robbery (District of Columbia) Conditional release 1945
360 Spinks, Donald B Murder (District of Columbia) Discharged 1944
361 Brown, Fred W Prohibition Laws & Conspiracy & P.O. Robbery with Violence (2)
362 Lynch, William W Assault & Robbery of the Mails Escape Risk
363 Kendrick, William B Postal Laws: Assault & Armed Robbery Dead
364 Dixon, Major B Postal Laws: Assault & Armed Robbery
365 June, Harold W Sodomy & Attempt to Commit Sodomy (Govt. Reservation)
366 Sladowski, Henry W P.O. Robbery & Assault
367 Louvorn, James W Counterfeiting Dead
368 Conley, John W Nat'l Bank Robbery Dead
369 Brandt, Rudolph W Nat'l Bank Robbery (3)
370 Martin, William B Postal Laws: Assault & Armed Robbery Attempted escape 1-13-39
371 Lucas, William B Postal Laws: Assault & Armed Robbery
372 Myers, H. W Attempted Nat'l Bank Robbery Escape Risk
373 Minntole, Alfred W Kidnapping & Robbery (4)
374 Brunette, Harry W Transporting Kidnapped Person
375 Schatz, Morris W Narcotics Laws: Import & Conceal
376 Giacalone, Vito W Counterfeiting (5)
377 Gebhart, Marvin W Nat'l Bank Robbery
378 Phipps, Earl W Nat'l Bank Robbery Armed Escape Risk
379 Robinson, Thomas W Kidnapping AZ-2 times (also 709-AZ)
380 Brest, Harold W Kidnapping, Nat'l Bank Robbery (7)
AZ-2 times (also 487-AZ)
381 Melton, Virgil W Bank Robbery Armed & Conspiracy
382 Moore, Jesse W Nat'l Bank Robbery
383 Cannon, Jerry W Violation of Kidnap Laws Escape Risk
Discharged 1942
384 Logan, Harry W Bank Robbery, Kidnapping & Dyer Act Escape Risk
385 Pickens, Elmer W Kidnapping, Bank Robbery & Assault with Intent to Murder
386 Saccotello, James W P.O. Robbery & Assault
387 Franzeen, Richard W Counterfeiting
388 House, Evans W P.O. Robbery Released 1942
389 Sullivan, John W Bank Robbery, Assault & Conspiracy Discharged by court order 1942.
390 Hansen, Frederick W Bank Robbery, Assault & Conspiracy
391 Fusco, Charles W Postal Laws Violation
392 Kress, Robert W Theft of Govt. Firearms & Escape Escape Risk
393 Janaway, Carl W Kidnapping & Dyer Act
394 Cumby, Ernest W Dyer Act, Escape from US Marshalls Escape Risk
Discharged 1941
395 Remine, Ramon W Nat'l Bank Robbery (9)
396 Stewart, J. W Forgery of Money Orders (10)
397 Fisher, George W Kidnapping
398 Martinez, Jesus M Theft of Interstate
399 Moffitt, Tom W Kidnapping & Dyer Act
400 Lewis, Charles W Nat'l Bank Robbery Escape Risk


(1)Conditional release 1939. North Carolina authorities took custody. [Return]
(2)Died at Alcatraz 1-21-38. No cause given. [Return]
(3)Wanted by Immigration for deportation. [Return]
(4)Conditional release 1946. New York authorities took custody. [Return]
(5)Died 7-12-39 from heat prostration on prison train enroute to Springfield. [Return]
(6)Conditional release by court order 1943. U.S. Marshal Service transported to Kentucky for trial on kidnapping charges. Convicted and sentenced to death. President Truman commuted sentence to life. [Return]
(7)Attempted Escape as 487-AZ 4-14-43. Released on Writ in 1939. Retried and convicted. Sent back to Alcatraz. [Return]
(8)Shot resisting arrest in Louisiana, died from wounds 1943. [Return]
(9)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1937, transferred to Leavenworth 1944. Returned to AZ 1945. [Return]
(10)Died at Alcatraz of Pneumonia 11-3-43. [Return]

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