Alcatraz Prisoners
Numbers 401 to 450

# Inmate Name Race Offense Other
401 O'Keith, Charlie W Nat'l Bank Robbery Armed Escape Risk
402 Hunter, Fred W Postal Laws: Assault, Armed Robbery of Mails, Conspiracy & Harboring a Fugitive (Alvin Karpis) Attempted escape 4-14-43
403 Voss, John W Dyer Act, Escape from US Marshall & Parole Violation Escape Risk
404 Ward, George W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Kidnapping
405 Pringle, Robert W P.O. Robbery (1)
406 Stanley, Herbert W Nat'l Bank Robbery
407 Brown, Royce W Kidnapping & Dyer Act
408 Hathaway, Robert W P.O. Armed Robbery
409 Wade, George W Narcotics Law: Sale Discharged 1941
410 Cline, Charlie W Narcotics Laws: Purchase & Theft
411 Lewis, Edward B Murder (District of Columbia) Discharged 1939
412 Vance, Robert B Assault with Intent to Rape & Assault with Intent to Murder Army Prisoner
413 Bell, Robert W Extortion through the Mail, NMVTA & Conspiracy Escape Risk
414 Sink, George W White Slave Act Dead
415 Coy, Bernard W Conspiracy, Bank Robbery, NMVTA & Flight to Avoid Prosecution (2)
416 McNeill, Thomas W P.O. Robbery & Assault Escape Risk
417 Mancuso, Salvatore W Unlawful Sale of Narcotics, Transp. Interstate & Conspiracy to Kidnap (3)
418 Destefano, Pier W Unlawful Importation of Drugs into US (4)
419 Boya, Marl W Counterfeiting
420 Northcutt, Guy W Bank Robbery & Assault Dead
421 Morgan, David B Stabbing with Intent to Kill (Alaska)
422 Holiday, Forrest W Armed Nat'l Bank Robbery
423 Barkdoll, Lloyd W Nat'l Bank Robbery Attempted escape 5-21-41.
424 Bailey, Reese W Assault & Resisting Federal Officer Escape Risk
425 Crockett, William W Postal Law: Assault
426 Brown, Glen W Conspiracy to Violate Internal Revenue Laws & Assault on Federal Officer with Dangerous Weapon
427 Hood, Carl W Dyer Act & Murder (inmate at Leavenworth)
428 Mercer, Martin W Dyer Act, Transp. Kidnapped Person Interstate & Flight to Avoid Prosecution
429 Norman, Paul W Postal Law: Theft of Mail & Pouches
430 Hitesman, George W Interstate Theft Escape Risk
Conditional release 1939
431 Cavanaugh, James W Attempted Bank Robbery-Armed Escape Risk
432 Collins, Arthur W Nat'l Bank Robbery-Armed Escape Risk
433 Osborne, George W Murder (of FBI agent) Escape Risk
434 Kuykendall, Malloy W Kidnapping Escape Risk
435 Stamphill, Dale W Kidnapping Escape Risk
Attempted escape 1-13-39
436 Widmer, James W Nat'l Bank Robbery - Armed Escape Risk
437 Shauver, Ray W Kidnapping Escape Risk
438 Bird, Frank W Nat'l Bank Robbery-Armed & Jeopardizing the Life of Another Escape Risk
439 Garrison, Orville W Nat'l Bank Robbery-Armed Conditional release 1951
440 Harris, James W Nat'l Bank Robbery-Armed
441 Palmer, William W P.O. Robbery & Conspiracy Escape Risk
442 Baker, Vincent W Bank Robbery Escape Risk
443 Ross, William W Bank Robbery Escape Risk
444 Gant, Hugh W Bank Robbery & Flight to Avoid Prosecution Escape Risk
445 Levy, Hymie W Counterfeiting
446 Leigh, Arthur B Murder (District of Columbia) Conditional release 1952
447 White, Samuel B Forging US Obligations Discharged 1943
448 Bundy, Richard B Robbery (District of Columbia) Escape Risk
449 Yoakum, Mack W Counterfeiting Escape Risk
Conditional release 1940.
450 Barker, Clarence W Counterfeiting Conditional release 1940.


(1)Conditional release 1944. Texas authorities took custody. [Return]
(2)Shot and killed during Escape Attempt May 2-4, 1946. [Return]
(3)418-AZ Destefano, Pier - Brother. Wanted by Immigration for deportation. [Return]
(4)417-AZ, Mancuso, Salvatore - Brother. Wanted by Immigration for deportation. [Return]
(5)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1937, transferred to Leavenworth 8-19-38. Returned from Leavenworth 9-23-38. Died in Prison Hospital 3-7-50, no cause given. [Return]
(6)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1938. Transferred 1947. Returned 1955. [Return]
(7)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1938. Transferred 1947. Returned to AZ 1951. [Return]
(8)Conditional release 1946. Georgia authorities took custody. [Return]
(9)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1938. Transferred 1946. Returned 1949. [Return]

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