Alcatraz Prisoners
Numbers 551 to 600

# Inmate Name Race Offense Other
550 Willis, Thomas B Robbery
551 Audett, Theodore W Entering Bank with Intent to Commit Larceny, Conditional Release Violator Escape Risk
AZ-3 times (also 208-AZ & 1217-AZ)
Conditional Release 1947
552 Barber, William W Nat'l Bank Robbery-Armed (1)
553 Abernathy, Forest W Dyer Act Conditional Release 1943
554 Bartholomew, Joh W Robbery (1)
555 Deloura, Anthony W Desertion, Escape, Auto Theft & Assault with Dangerous Weapon Army Prisoner
556 Dressler, Oliver W Kidnapping & Transp. Kidnapped Person Interstate (1)
557 Davis, John W P.O. Robbery-Armed, Assault & Conspiracy Dead
558 Smith, B.R. W P.O. B&E & Theft (1)
559 Taylor, Lee W Dyer Act Conditional Release 1943
560 Wilfong, George W Armed Bank Robbery & Assault (1)
561 Moyle, Joe W Postal Law: Assault & Armed Robbery (1)
562 Willmont, Robert W Entering Bank with Intent to Commit Larceny (1)
563 Steinmetz, Charles W Bank Robbery & Theft (1)
564 Aurechio, Carmine W Narcotics Law: Sale (1)
565 Souza, Frank W Entering Bank with Intent to Commit Larceny & Conditional Release Violator Conditional Release 1949 to SF
AZ-2 times (also 37-AZ)
566 Brooks, George W Narcotics Law: Sale (1)
567 Macomber, Ora W P.O. B&E, Theft, Conspiracy & Escape (1)
Discharged 1943
568 McMillan, William W Postal Laws: Assault & Robbery of US Mail (1)
569 Langston, Talmadge W Dyer Act, Transp. Kidnapped Person Interstate (1)
570 Bledsoe, Billy W P.O. B&E Conditional release 1947
571 Boarman, James W Dyer Act, Nat'l Bank Robbery & Transp. Stolen Money Interstate (1)
572 Stalling, Raymond W Dyer Act & Escape Escape Risk
Discharged 1944 to Daly City
573 Sanford, Norman W Dyer Act & Transp. Kidnaped Person Interstate (1)
574 Fleisch, Louis W Poss. of Rifle, Pistol & Gun Silencer Escape Risk
575 Tippet, Ellis W Robbery, Assault with Intent to Rob & Assault with Intent to Murder (1)
576 Lynch, Jay W Transp. Kindapped Person Interstate (1)
577 Davis, Paul W Murder on Indian Reservation (1)
578 Michener, Elliot W Counterfeiting Escape Risk
579 Wright, Cecil W P.O. B&E, Theft, Conspiracy & Dyer (1)
580 Freeman, John B Narcotics Law: Sale (1)
581 Jackson, Isaac B Postal Law: Conspiracy, Theft & Forging Govt. Check (1)
Conditional Release 1947 to SF
582 Bartlett, William W Making Poss. Molds & Counterfeiting and Poss. of 1/2 Dollar Pieces Conditional release 1947
583 Austin, Thomas B Robbery & Assault with Intent to Kill (6)
584 Chappell, Robert W Robbery (District of Columbia) & Escape Conditional Release 1947
585 Pichette, George I Rape (Indian Reservation) Discharged 1947
586 Quillen, James W Kidnapping & Dyer Act Escape Risk
587 Russ, Lonnie W NMVTA Escape Risk
588 Wilson, Raymond W Nat'l Bank Robbery & Assault Escape Risk
589 Pepper, Jack W Kidnapping & NMVTA Escape Risk
590 Swihart, Jack W Interstate Theft Conditional Release 1947
591 Glivinski, Leo W Dyer Act & Escape (8)
592 Nard, Jettie W White Slavery (9)
593 Daniel, Lathan B Murder & Robbery (District of Columbia)
594 Stroud, Robert W Murder (10)
595 Banghart, Basil W P.O. Robbery, Conspiracy & Assault on Postal Employee (11)
596 Ludwig, Kurt W Conspiracy & Espionage (12)
597 Hart, John W Conspiracy, Bank Robbery & NMVTA AZ-2 times (also 749)
Conditional release 1945
598 Clendon, Russell W Extortion through the Mails (13)
599 Moses, Joseph W Postal Law: Assault, Armed Robbery & Escape (14)
600 Newagon, Arthur I Murder & Manslaughter


(1)Transferred to Alcatraz because of participation in major Industries strike at USP Leavenworth. [Return]
(2)Discharged 1944. New York parole authorities took custody. [Return]
(3)Shot/drowned during escape attempt 4-14-43. [Return]
(4)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1941. Discharged by court order 1943. Recommitted to AZ 1944. Discharged by writ 1948. Reputation as good "jail-house" lawyer. [Return]
(5)Suspected of assisting inmates in 1-13-39 escape attempt. AZ-2 times (also 239-AZ). Released from sentence 1945, immediately began serving 576 days as Conditional Release violator from previous conviction. [Return]
(6)AZ- 3 times. Originally received 1941. Transferred 1947. Returned to AZ 1952. Transferred 1956. Returned to AZ 1959. [Return]
(7)Conditional Release 1945. Calif. authorities took custody. [Return]
(8)Conditional release 1944. Michigan authorities took custody. [Return]
(9)Expiration of full time sentence. Discharged 1943 after court vacated second count. [Return]
(10)Original Crime: 12 year sentence for Manslaughter in Alaska (1909). Received at USP McNeil Island 8-30-09, violently assaulted another inmate and received an additional 6 month sentence. Transferred to USP Leavenworth late 1912/early 1913. Murdered Correctional Officer Andrew Turner at USP Leavenworth 3-26-1916. Convicted of first degree murder. Death sentence commuted by President Wilson (1920). Received at Alcatraz 12-19-42 (assigned cell in D Block safe custody). Moved from D Block to hospital 8-31-48. Transferred to MCFP Springfield 6-12-59. Died at MFCP Springfield 11-21-63. [Return]
(11)Original state sentence 99 years for kidnapping and Federal sentence of 36 years were originally to be served concurrent at Illinois State Penitentiary at Joliet. Banghart escaped from Joliet in 1942, recaptured December 1942 and committed to AZ by special order of the Attorney General. Transferred to Illinois State Penitentiary at Joliet 1954. [Return]
(12)German national. Classified as alien but no notation of being wanted by Immigration for deportation. [Return]
(13)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1943. Transferred to Leavenworth 1946. Returned to AZ 1950 after escape attempt at Leavenworth. [Return]
(14)AZ-2 times. Originally received 1943. Transferred to Leavenworth 1946. Returned to AZ 1950. [Return]

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